Voting Opens for 11th Annual Golden Geek Awards


Ah, democracy, what a grand thing!  Well, mostly… It’s been a strange year…

But this example of democracy will be fun, I promise!

Board Game Geek have launched the voting for their annual awards, and I’m heading over to put my own votes in.  I’m just popping a quick post up to urge you to do the same.

Even if board games aren’t your thing, BGG’s sister sites, Video Game Geek and RPG Geek are also running their awards, so there are categories for RPGs and Video Games, too.

I’ve not had a proper look at all of the categories or nominees yet, but here are some of the ones I am most interested in and where my votes will go:

Board Games

  • Game of the year: Star Wars: Rebellion
  • 2 Player Game: Star Wars Rebellion
  • Artwork and Presentation: Scythe
  • Card Game: Kodama: The Tree Spirits
  • Family Game: Codenames: Pictures
  • Best Podcast: Shut Up and Sit Down
  • Best Board Game App: Twilight Struggle


  • Artwork and Presentation: Pulp Cthulhu
  • Best Podcast: One Shot

Video Games

  • Game of the Year: Overwatch
  • Best Visuals/Artwork: Firewatch
  • Best Indie Game: Stardew Valley
  • Best PC Game: Overwatch

Other categories, I either did not involve myself with this year, or I need to take a better look at the options.  It’s worth also noting that you are not just picking your top title for each category, but are ranking your options in a prioritised list.

Go, go vote!  You can click here to go to the post on BGG that explains the whole thing!

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