Prioritising Miniatures Projects For 2018

I have a lot of unpainted Miniatures.  I’ve written about this before.  I’m also not always the most motivated to paint, but I’ve managed to do a little more this year than I had in the previous few years.

In the interests of maintaining my focus and getting me on track early this year, here are what I consider my painting priorities in the coming year.  I have three major priorities and a handful of lower priority possbilities.


Age of Sigmar: Tzeentch

My biggest miniatures project last year was putting together 1000 (really more like 1250) points of Tzeentch Arcanites and Daemons for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  Heck, this was my biggest projects in a few years.  In the coming year, I’d like to expand this force to 2000 or possibly 2500 points.

The additions will include a lot more Pink Horrors.  I love Pink Horrors and the fact that they can throw around some serious magic and a decent amount of shooting.  Add to that a few units of Flamers, some Screamers and a second chariot, this time with a Herald on top.

Most of the intended new units have already been built, so one of the more tedious aspects is already finished.  That should help!

pmp18 Aleph

Infinity: Aleph

My Aleph models for Infinity have been sitting with base colours mostly finished for rather a long time.  At the moment, I have a starter pack, a support pack and a biker built and at least sprayed.  I’d like to finish off these models in the first few months of the year and then move on to expand into a full 300 point list.  I have most of the models I need sitting unbuilt, so I’m keen to get these out of the boxes and onto the paint table.

I’d also like to do some scenery for Infinity this year, most likely painting up MDF buildings to go on my lovely Micro Arts play mat.

I have some other assorted Infinity stuff, but the Aleph are my immediate priority as far as this game goes.

outcasts malifaux leviticus

Malifaux: Outcasts

Malifaux is my favourite miniatures game and I’ve got a few crews done now, including some Resurrectionists (a Nicodem crew) and quite a few Arcanists (a Kaeris crew and a Rasputina one).  I’d like to paint up quite a few Outcasts this year.  Ideally, I’d like to finish up my Viktorias and then paint up the Leviticus and Tara boxes, along with Vanessa, Killjoy and Lazarus.  This would give me lots of options for Outcasts and clear some of that awful backlog.

As with Infinity, I’d also like to paint up my MDF buildings, as I’d love to have a beautiful, painted board to play this fantastic game on.



Other Projects

There are a handful of other unfinished bits and bobs that are also sitting in boxes and drawers.  These are lower priority for this year than the items above, but the ones that I’m quite interested in are:

  • Hordes 2-player starter set which includes Trollblood and Skorne models
  • Death Guard for Warhammer 40,000 from the starter box for the latest edition
  • Some Orks for Warhammer 40,000 which may or may not find their way into a slow-grow league this year
  • Nurgle mortals for Age of Sigmar

Of course, my painting is so inconsistent from year to year, so we’ll see what actually gets done.  I’ll post anything I manage to finish here and on my Instagram feed.

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