The Black Library on Audible


At the tail end of last year, Games Workshop struck a partnership with Audible, adding titles from their Black Library imprint onto the popular audiobook platform.  Now, I’m not going to claim that BL produces great works of literature, but they do produce decent sci-fi with a great, familiar setting.  I’ve found that they have really upped their game in recent years, producing more consistently good novels and series.

Series are what I enjoy on Audible.  I like working my way through them, and they are the reason that I sometimes go ahead and purchase extra credits to keep burning through books on the service.  Some of my favourite series on Audible are the books of The Dresden Files, The Laundry FilesDiscworldOld Man’s WarThe Expanse, and some of the Warcraft and Star Wars novels.


Now, I’m looking forward to revisiting the Horus Heresy series, including old favourites like Horus Rising and A Thousand Sons, along with others that I have not read, such as Descent of Angels.  On the 40K side, I’d also like to listen to the Fabius Bile book.  I’ve always loved that character.


I’m also keen to try some of the Age of Sigmar fiction that’s been released.  I love the Old World, as presented in Warhammer, and I always will, but despite my initial misgivings over the new setting, Age of Sigmar has grown on me.  It’s a very different beast, drawing less on the high fantasy as seen in the works of Tolkien, and more on sword and sorcery and heavy metal style fantasy.  It’s less Lord of the Rings and more He-Man, and that’s ok.  I’ve heard that the fiction is big and brash and pushes this feel, so I’m keen to give it a go in the near future.

You can click here to go straight to Audible’s Black Library offerings.


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