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It’s been a while since we last covered a bundle on here.  Not many have really caught my eye, I guess.  Today, though, there’s this lovely offering from Bundle of Holding and Green Ronin Publishing.  This bundle covers Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE and Dragon’s Age games:

fantasy age bundle

As usual, there are two tiers.  The first tier costs $9.95 and contains all the books you will need to get started with Fantasy AGE.  This includes the core rulebook and a set of encounters to get you started.  I’ve seen the core book before and it’s really quite nice.  The system is quite good, too.  I think it’s great that this includes the Bestiary, as any good RPG system needs a good bestiary.  With these three titles, you’ll be putting your best foot forward with the system.

As is the norm, the second tier is priced at a moving threshold which is sitting at $24.67 at the time of writing.  This set focuses a bit more on the Dragon Age game, giving the core book, GM kit and a supplement that include three encounters to get started with.  The system behind Fantasy AGE was first introduced in the Dragon Age RPG, so there will be a fair bit of cross-compatibility between the two lines.

This set also includes more Fantasy AGE goodies, including the GM Kit and the Titansgrave supplement.  Titansgrave is a setting created by Wil Wheaton.  He introduces it here:

I like the merging of fantasy and sci-fi elements in this setting.  Alex, a sometime writer for this site, has Titansgrave and I’d be curious to read his thoughts on the book, setting and game.  Maybe I can pester him to share at some point.

Some of the proceeds of the bundle will go to The Maria Fund, a charity assisting disaster relief in Puerto Rico.  You can click here to see and purchase the bundle until it expires.

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