Hobby Update 12/08/18: Putting One’s House in Order

The week started with the best of intentions – a good tidy up!  The focus was on my games room and the little room that leads off from it.  The initial focus was on the miniatures – sorting them and tidying:

I ended up getting rid of some old stuff I know I’d never look at again.  That was difficult, but I feel good, now it’s done.

I had a little delivery of Osprey books.  These are all games that I’ve been really keen to try.  I’ll probably do Kobolds and Cobblestones first, as I have everything I need ready to go for that and can put together a cool, dense board.


I’m also really keen to play some Gaslands.  I’ve heard nothing but good about this game!  Och, I’m looking forward to trying them all!

On Wednesday, I broke out some board games.  We started with a game of Scythe that went very well for me.  I found victory with the Rusviets:


My main focus early on was on deploying my first mech and running at the Factory, both fulfilling my objective and giving me the choice of any of the used Factory cards.  It worked out well for me.

We then played Terraforming Mars.  Again, this went very well for me and I was able to claim two of the awards and all of the milestones.  I got a lot onto the board and had loads of points locked up in my cards.


Really, this was all down to having a very strong start with lots of good, cheap cards in my initial hand.  Great game!

At the end of the week, I finished my tidying.  Here are some pics of my games room and the wee attached room next door with more games, miniatures and a treadmill:

I’m very lucky to have all of this space, but the little box room used to be full of random bags and crates of stuff that had been left there since we moved in.  It was where we dumped stuff.  I feel great to have sorted it out.  Time to put it to use, I suppose.

Catch you next week!

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