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RPGs: In Person VS Online

You may have noticed already, but I love RPGs.  I like most forms of tabletop gaming, but RPGs are special.  I really enjoy taking part in that sort of collaborative storytelling.  There's something so... pure about it.  I'm probably sounding a bit silly, but I'm used to that.   Generally speaking, I like to play in… Continue reading RPGs: In Person VS Online

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Game Art: Century Golem Edition

The modern board game is, in addition to being functionally playable, often a beautiful object in its own right.  Companies put a lot of money and effort into the artwork and it's always great to see a really beautifully illustrated game.  One such game that I adore is the Golem Edition of Century from Plan… Continue reading Game Art: Century Golem Edition

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Best System for a Rick and Morty RPG

It's nice when companies release licensed RPGs.  The books are not only games in themselves, but are usually full of cool art and background information on the franchises you love.  Put simply, they are often celebrations of the subject matter.   The thing is, you often don't need a whole new RPG system to run games… Continue reading Best System for a Rick and Morty RPG

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RPGs with Kids: So Much Fun

I run an RPG group for children.  Well, we're a general tabletop gaming group, actually, but D&D is the current focus.  For the past few years, we've mainly played board games with an occasional go at the D&D or Star Wars: Edge of the Empire starter sets thrown in.   We've always hovered at between 3… Continue reading RPGs with Kids: So Much Fun

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Looking Ahead to This Year’s Top 50

For the past two years I have compiled a lit of my top 50 tabletop games.  I really enjoy making these lists as they make me really take a look at the games I've played this year and consider them on a number of different levels.   As we approach November, when these lists are written,… Continue reading Looking Ahead to This Year’s Top 50

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There’s Something to be said for Unsullied Plans

I'm working away on some notes, NPCs, locations and the like for my upcoming Dresden Files RPG campaign.  I love this part of being a GM.  I really enjoy plotting out what I want to happen and how to bring each of my players into the fold.  I like sitting down at the table, knowing… Continue reading There’s Something to be said for Unsullied Plans

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My RPG Collection

Today, I thought I'd take you through my collection of RPG books.  That is, my physical collection.  As you can probably surmise from my frequent links to Bundles of Holding, I have a lot of digital copies of RPG books, too.  Those folders are vast, but also unimpressive and ultimately less satisfying from a collector's… Continue reading My RPG Collection

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Are Modern Games Overproduced?

Modern games.  Many of them are not only fun and interesting games, but are beautiful objects in their own right.  The thing is, these huge, impressive production values come at a price and can mask an otherwise disappointing game.  Let's have a little think about these beautiful, possibly overproduced games.  I am still sans-computer so… Continue reading Are Modern Games Overproduced?

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Triple Triad Cards: My Final Fantasy IV Deck

A while back, there was a Triple Triad site called TripleTriadX.  They were the second of the browser-based (rather than client-based) Triple Triad sites, and they represented my peak interest in Triple Triad.  I was very much into this game. They were the first of the browser-based sites to add cards that were not from… Continue reading Triple Triad Cards: My Final Fantasy IV Deck