Game Art: Century Golem Edition

The modern board game is, in addition to being functionally playable, often a beautiful object in its own right.  Companies put a lot of money and effort into the artwork and it’s always great to see a really beautifully illustrated game.  One such game that I adore is the Golem Edition of Century from Plan B Games.  

Century is a good game, but it’s pretty abstract.  I’d always been vaguely interested in it, but I found the art for the original Spice Road edition a bit bland.  Betweeen the bland art and simoly  ot knowing quite enough about it, I never got around to adding it to the collection.

It was not until Golem Edition came out that I picked it up.  The Golem Edition of Century is beautiful.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very abstract and the cards could show pretty much anything, but I love the art from this edition.  It’s cool, colourful and whimsical.  

The art is by Justin Chan, who has posted some pieces of art he did for the game over on Artstation.  In addition to the cover art above, he posted:

Gorgeous, innit?

As I mentioned, I really love this game and I have played it a lot this year.  It’s always great to see it on the table, and I particularly love the points cards.  Each of these shows a unique golem for the player to acquire.  They are just so fun and whimsical.  One might be painting a barn, whilst another is acting as a bridge, being a furnace or working on a farm.

Here are some pictures from a game I played a couple of weekends ago:


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