Humble Bundle: Dragons, Dungeons, Maps & More

With Dungeons & Dragons being my most played game of the year, D&D-themed bundles have a habit of grabbing my attention.  These bundles tend to be interesting, as they usually consist of lots of odd, little third-party goodies with which to spice up one’s game.  This latest offering from Humble Bundle definitely fits that profile.

As is usual for these bundles, the goodies are split across a few tiers.  The first of these tiers costs $1 and nets you a lot of stuff:

There are a few maps in here, and a fair number of adventures.  I particularly like the sound of The Mortality of Green.  The idea of searching the ancient, primordial forest and all of the rich encounters and adventure ideas that this entails is just magnificent.  The Into the Swamp book also holds a lot of potential – perhaps there’s a voodoo campaign in my future?

The second tier costs $8.  For this price, you’ll get the contents of the previous tier, plus a whole lot more:

Again, this consists mostly of maps and adventures.  There are more Frog God adventures (the blue ones) and some more interesting sourcebooks.  I really like the look of the book of Skullduggery-themed NPCs.  Given my love of urban fantasy, these could be really useful!  The Deck of Dirty Tricks looks pretty interesting, too.  Again, all of the adventures look decent and, even if you don’t use them as-is, you could probably adapt them or use ideas from each one to develop your own adventures.

The third tier, including the contents of both previous tiers, is priced at $15.  In addition to all the previous content, you’ll also get yet more stuff:

This is the most interesting tier for me.  I really like the look of several of the adventures – especially Castle on the Hill.  The Demon Cults & Secret Societies book is also really tempting, but then the Kobold Press books are always fantastic.  The Revenge of the Horde book also looks great, with great materials about commonly-encountered monstrous races.

The bundle as a whole is fantastic and provides a huge amount of additional, new content for your games of Dungeons & Dragons.  You can view and purchase the bundle at the Humble Bundle website (click here for a direct link), with some of your payment going to support a charity.

I don’t know yet if I’ll be picking up this bundle, but even if there are only a few items that you want, you’d quickly hit the $15 price tag for the whole thing.  This has me leaning towards buying it, rather than not.


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