Current Banner Rotation (Feb 2019)

Just as a bit of fun, and because I know most people don’t sit and hit refresh to see the various banners (and nor should they!), let’s have a look at our current selection of banners.

Let’s start with former banners that have been removed from the rotation:

Retired Banners


Our original banner was a bit OTT and garish.  The core image was from the D&D 5E starter and featured covers of lots of really nice RPGs.  The banner is still pretty fun, but it’s too big and clumsy.


Our blue period!  These were the first of our current banner design and provided the template that all banners since have used.  The first was some more D&D art, whilst the second was a photo of a couple of my game shelves.  I removed them when I started using colourful banners.  They just didn’t fit in any more.


These three banners are fine.  They’re nice.  They were among the early colourful banners that I added.  The first of these is from the cover of the Malifaux rulebook.  It’s just a bit boring, though, y’know?  The second is Strahd from the Ravenloft setting for D&D.  I made this banner when we were starting out on our still-ongoing Curse of Strahd campaign.  I’m loving this campaign – it’s actually the best RPG campaign I’ve ever taken part in, but the banner, as with the Malifaux one, if just a bit dull and I’ve gotten tired of it.  The third banner is from Warhammer 40,000.  I like 40K, but the Orks and Blood Angels on this banner just don’t mean much to me.  I might try to make some more 40K banners at some point that are more relevant to the forces I like and care about.

Current Banner Rotation


These are the RPG banners, featuring games that I either love to play or am really interested in playing.  In order, the featured games are Rogue Trader, Vampire: THe Masquerade, Changeling: The Lost, Dungeon World, and Shadowrun.  The Shadowrun banner is my newest banner, as I only added it today, after posting about the two Shadowrun-themed Bundles of Holding that are currently available.


These are just banners that I liked the idea of.  One of them features Snakes and Ladders, which I maintain is not actually a game as there are no meaningful decisions to be made.  The other features Triple Triad, the card game from Final Fantasy VIII.  I spent sooooo much time in the early 2000s playing online adaptations of this game, and I’ve made lots of my own cards for the game, too.


Tzeentch!  My favourite Chaos God.  I play Tzeentch Daemons in both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 and I just love them.  I don’t win all that much, but I enjoy it!  I’m not using them for AoS Skirmish, though.  Tried that the other night and it did NOT go well.  Will probably break out the Nurgle boys for that.


Rick and Morty toys I got my birthday last year.  I put these guys as the header image for a hobby update and I really liked how that image looked on the site.  That’s why I chucked them into a banner.  I like Rick and Morty.  I like plushies.  I like putting pretty banners on the blog.  Yeah, it ticked a lot of boxes for me.

I do like putting together these banners and refreshing the rotation every so often.  I’m not sure what I’d remove next time I do a refresh, but I’ve got lots of stuff I’d like to add in.

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