New Page: My Collection

I have published a new page, accessible via the menu bar or by clicking here, about my own games collection.  There was a page like this before, back on Hit Somebody, but I never got around to transferring it over to No Rerolls.

The board game collection is pretty sizeable.  Here’s a picture from a couple of years ago when we were moving to our new home and had to start packing them up.  This is only part of the collection and, indeed, it has grown since then:

omg games

To be honest, casting my eyes over the shelves behind me, there are a handful of games that I think I could happily part with.  I’m thinking of some of the impulse purchases from The Works, who seem adept at getting their hands on surplus games from the likes of Rio Grande and selling them at rock bottom prices.  Unfortunately, these games are often surplus for a reason…  Might be time for a culling.

There are also, shamefully, a lot of games on these shelves that I’ve simply not played.  I’ve been better recently at not buying new games, but instead working my way through this backlog.  I’m hoping to maintain this discipline!

The RPG collection has expanded significantly in the last few years.  I’ve done a post about it before, in which I shared for a ‘shelfies’ of the collection:

Again, it’s grown a little since, with the addition of some more FATE books and some second hand World of Darkness titles.  Oh, and the latest edition of Vampire, some Mutant: Year Zero and Dungeon Crawl Classics.  I’ve long loved RPG books as objects in themselves, even beyond the joy that the actual games can elicit.

The final section of the page does not yet exist.  I want to do a section on Miniatures, but I’m not sure how yet.  I think I want to only include painted miniatures, and then only those that I’m happy with.  I see myself, in this way, as restarting this collection.  I’ve gotten rid of my older painted armies and am kind of starting over.  As I progress, I’ll add to this section, putting in new stuff and the older stuff that I am still happy with, like Blood Bowl teams, Dystopian Wars ships and Malifaux crews.

Have a rummage through the collections and let me know if there’s something you reckon I’d like.  Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have on any items – I’d be happy to help out with answers where I can!

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