Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition: Initial Sessions

Last week my Wednesday RPG group, who almost always play D&D, sat down to make characters for the latest edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. The session was already planned before my game of Vampire at Tabletop Scotland, but the weekend session definitely inspired me to really go for it!

This took a wee while, as we were all working through the process together. We did a have a few books (2 physical, 2 PDFs) in order to keep the pace up and give everyone a chance to look up whatever they needed. All of the players are also brand new to Vampire.


The process was a lot of fun and we ended up with four quite different characters. We had a technology-loving Tremere, a Ventrue running an illicit blood bank, a Malkavian fortune teller intent on gathering a following and a Gangrel detective on the hunt for revenge. I was happy with all of these.

As I said, the process was fun. We threw a lot of ideas around and we got a lot of laughs when it came time to pick flaws and the like. People also enjoyed choosing the powers they got for their various disciplines.

As for the story, I went back to my old favourite setting of Gary, Indiana. I always really liked Gary as a more limited sandbox that gave players a great place to start. I’m trying to merge the old with a little bit of the new, with the intention of leading into The Sacrifice from Chicago by Night once the players make their way to Chicago itself.

We did half an hour or so of social play after creating the characters and then we had a full, proper session this week. I’m enjoying reading the new edition of Chicago by night and am looking forward to my players getting to it. In the meantime though, I’m getting to explore an old setting that I love and share characters I’ve enjoyed for years with new players. It’s a great feeling.

In terms of highlights so far, there have been a few. The Ventrue is not proving to be as calm and in control as she had hoped to be. After taking an early lead in getting the party onto a shared mission, she quickly gave into her hunger, draining a taxi driver and vomiting his blood all over his car. Our Tremere, in trying to keep the group safe, has proven to be calculating and dismissive of human life. He has pushed someone out of a high window and sent a cop into the middle of a busy road to meet a truck head-on. This saved the group, but at the cost of a stain on his conscience.

I’m looking forward to where this group is going. I intend to keep the Gary stuff relatively brief and use it to set the players up to start The Sacrifice with some knowledge of the setting.

Exciting times in the World of Darkness!


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