Humble Bundle: Make Your Card Game!

There’s an interesting bundle available just now from Humble Bundle.  It’s a set of resources for making your own card game.  I know that a lot of gamers like to homebrew and have ambitions of making their own games, even just as experiments, if not commercially.  So, yeah, let’s take a look!

humble make card game

As per usual, the bundle is split into several tiers at progressively higher price points.  When you purchase a tier beyond the first one, you will also unlock the previous tiers, thus further increasing the value.  The first tier is very cheap, costing only $1, but getting you six little packs of resources:

card game tier 1

This first tier gets you some basic resources.  There’s a little cache of pet artwork, featuring 50 illustrations, along with a cool Quest Journal template that would give a cool look for your instruction manual.  There’s then a ton of different icons, including some generic ones and some professions.  They’re all cool, but my favourites are the coins.  I could really see a use for them.  There’s not a huge amount of versatile content in this tier, but what is here is well worth the price of admission.

The next tier is much larger, containing a lot more content.  The price point for this will change over time, but at the time of writing, it will cost you $17.04.

card game tier 2

There’s a lot to digest here.  As with the previous bundle, there are a lot of icons.  My favourites this time are the Magic, Race and Class badges.  They’re so well designed and in such a nice, coherent style.  The loot cards are nice, as are the item cards, though I wouldn’t really use them together due to their very different visual styles.  Between the first two tiers, we’ve got a lot of the smaller resources that we’d need.  We have lots of nice icons and smaller, low-key pieces of art.

The third tier contains a few more of these types of resources, but also includes some more substantial pieces.  The price of this tier is $20.  it’s not much above what tier is currently going for, so it’s probably worth just paying those couple of extra dollars and getting a ton of extra stuff…

card game tier 3

As with the previous tiers, this one includes yet more icons.  There are more generic ones and some cool, anime-style avatars that remind me of the art from Long Live the Queen by LudiCreations.  There’s also a lot of really nice, original artwork, including characters, items, creatures, and locations.  It’s all really cool.  I especially love the fantasy characters pack.  Something slightly different in this bundle is the pack of resources for making maps.  They come in either squares or hexes and you could make some really cool, Advance Wars-style battlefields out of them.

All in all, it’s an interesting bundle full of original artwork that you can use as resources for your card games.  They seem to be intended for people making resources for Unity-based games.  The bundle includes licensing for use in both digital and physical products.

If you’re interested in picking up the bundle, you can click here to visit the bundle page and, as usual, a portion of your purchase will go to charity.  I usually link to supported charities with Bundle of Holding, but Humble Bundle is more flexible and allows you to put it to a charity of your choice from their directory of supported charities.

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