New Year, New(ish) Army: Pestilens

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my goals for the coming year is to get some Skaven done! I’ve had unpainted Skaven for years and, despite their classic, sprue-grey colour scheme, they saw a fair bit of play in 8th edition, back when I was fielding units of 100 or so Skaven Slaves. Now, I am keen to repurpose them and get them into the table for some fun in the Age of Sigmar!

I have a ton of Clanrats, Giant Rats and Rat Ogres, but I am intending to start off with pestilens, giving me a place to really focus, rather than just painting a bit of everything. Maybe once I am done I can move on and do more? Baby steps!

So, going through the various boxes and cases in which my Skaven were stored, I grabbed everything I could find. Some of it will probably end up getting chucked. Namely, the old multi-pose plastic Clanrats that looked like monkeys.

I dug through the collection and dug everything out. I sorted through everything in search of Plague Monks. Built and unbuilt, and using a couple of the old metal Plague Monks as unit champions, I have managed to put together 140 plague monks, with a further 20 to be armed with plague censers and fielded as Plague Censer Bearers. I’m not keen on spending the huge amount of money required to pick up the actual Plague Denser Bearer minis.

There’s also a big pile of misc stuff in that pic, but the distinct piles are the various Plague Monk units. My bases arrived today so I can put them onto a more suitable, less quadrilateral shape:

Most of the minis were unpainted, but some was pretty badly done and I wondered if it was worth stripping these down. I tried it last night with some Isopropyl Alcohol and it actually worked pretty well, but took a lot of time:


It just wasn’t worth the time for miniatures from a horde unit. I stripped around 20 of them, which were thickly painted. Some others still remain, but I think I will just spray over the rest of them rather than stripping them down.

There’s a lot to paint here, and we’ll see how my patience and attention sticks, but I’m looking forward to fielding a new army!

I also have some plague Furnaces, Plague Claw Catapults and a Vermin Lord to add to the force, along with an old metal Plague Priest.

Next on the to-do list? Finish building the Plague Monks by giving them arms, and get then onto their bases.

Wish me luck!


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