Hobby Update July 2021 : Trollin’

Well, having been away for a while, spending half of the month down in the Borders, I missed most of July. When I returned home, I actually made some decent progress on my Gloomspite Gitz, as well as some other bits and bobs. This will be my progress for July and, I suppose, the first couple days of August.

The biggest single accomplishment this month was finishing up a big chunk of the Troggoth force, finishing up the 12 Rockgut Troggoths:

In addition, I also painted up the Dankhold Troggoth. I absolutely love how the green on this guy turned out and I reckon that I’ll be using it on my Kruleboyz when I get around to them. He was a lot of fun to paint:

He is my favourite miniature in the army this far. I also made a start on the Dankhold Troggboss, getting the skin colour down. Since taking the photo, I’ve also made a good start on the fungus that covers a lot of his body:

I don’t think he’ll take too long to finish, but I have gotten a little bit distracted. I’ll come back to that in a bit. The last bit of Gloomspite progress came when we had some visitors up this weekend. I did some painting with my wee god-daughter, digging out a couple of old, metal goblin shamans:

For her age, and for her first attempt, she did pretty well! I like how she did the hair. I did mine to act as a Madcap Shaman in my army. He turned out pretty well for an hour’s work. Since taking the photo, I finished up the base with some rocks and tufts.

Now, I mentioned a distraction. My local games club, The Northern Knights, are running a Gods-themed hobby contest. Participants are encouraged to paint up models representing the followers of specific gods, and there will be a contest for which God is best represented at the end. Given that I had already done a lot of kitbashing for my Garden of Nurgle army, it seemed the obvious way to go. I built the Glottkin, finished up my Daemon Prince and racked up the miniatures to be sprayed:

I’m looking forward to working my way through these are repping for Papa Nurgle in the contest. I’ll try to finish up some half-finished bits of the Gloomspite as I go as well.

Good progress in the past couple weeks, then. Onto August!


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