Garden of Nurgle: A Little More Progress

So, despite saying quite clearly in my previous post that this would be a slow burn, I could not quite help myself and have pushed on with my first few units. I have finished the initial passes – by which I mean the plastic builds without greenstuffing – at my first 4 units.

Plaguebearer Unit 1

The first of these units was my first 10 Plaguebearers. Made of a combination of different parts from the Plaguebearer, Plague Drone, Dryad, Revenant and Kurnoth Hunter kits, this is my first battleline unit. I love that each mini is quite unique. The three initial test models are in here and are the only ones that are properly “finished”. The rest will need significant amounts of greenstuff to fill some gaps and make some joins look a bit more natural.

Plaguebearer Unit 2

The second unit of Plaguebearers follows much the same pattern as the First, except that I did rub out of heads. There are not quite enough heads in the Plaguebearer kit to stretch to 20 minis. I got around this by using a couple of skulls from the old, old Warhammer Skeletons regiment and the animal skull from the Dryad box. These added a bit of variety to the miniatures as well. Again, some greenstuff work to do, and some weapons need roughed up with some texture paste.

With another 2 boxes of Plaguebearers and a box of Dryads on the way, I know that I will have enough parts to build another 40 Plaguebearers. This will cover all that I need to build for this project and allow for later expansion.

Sloppity Bilepiper

The first of my characters, this will be my converted Sloppity Bilepiper once I’ve done the extensive tidying up and greenstuffing. He is based on a Plaguebearer with a set of pipes from the Gloomspite Gitz Squig Herd kit, and then the usual selection of different Nurgle and Sylvaneth kits. I added the little Nurgling above him with the bell from the Poxbringer kit, both to add bulk and to further carry on the musical vibe. My only slight issue is that he will be a tad short and might not stand out. For this, I think I will mount him on a large agree stump or something to give him a bit of height over his base.

Daemon Prince

Next up is one of the miniatures that inspired the army, which is the Daemon Prince. He’s not quite finished, but he is taking shape. Based on Drycha, he has a head from a Plague Drone, mounted on the body of one of the riders that is positioned coming out of Drycha’s torso. That fit a lot better than I expected. I like a Daemon Prince with wings, so I used a set of Plague Drone wings which accentuates the already insect-like elements of Drycha’s design. This is looking great, but it still needs something…

I will likely later make another two Daemon Princes – both winged using Plague Drone wings – from an old metal Great Unclean One and an old demon Lord I have from Heresy Miniatures. That can wait for a wile though as I’m focused on getting just that initial 1500 points done.

Feculent Gnarlmaw

Finally, and already built a few years back after initially picking it up at the initial release, is a Feculent Gnarlmaw. It’s the only mini here that has not been converted. I think I will need at least one more of these because of Horticulous Slimux’s ability to summon one. I’ll likely do two so I can also account for summoning. What, after all, is a Garden of Nurgle without Papa Nurgle’s own trees?


Finally, I had a go at a couple of initial bases, just to try them out. I love this Vellejo mud. I picked it up instead of Stirland Mud partly because it’s more cost-effective, but mainly because I’ve had such a good experience with their Earth Texture paste. I’m looking forward to painting up the bases, adding some green puddles and seeing how they’re going to pan out. I’m definitely keen to try some of these smaller bases before I try the bigger one for the Prince.

Going Forward

So, then, whilst I’m obviously still working on the models above (nothing is actually finished), what will I be moving on to? I’ve ordered the bits and bobs that I’m going to need:

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can put together going forward to keep things going, keep them fresh. I’ll only be building what I need for the list itself at the moment, so I’ll just be building 10 more Plaguebearers, though I’d love to expand later to have three nice, big units of 30. For now, I’m staying focused.

Exciting, fun and gribbly stuff, friends!


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