Ideas for a Nurgle-Themed Slaves to Darkness Army

Earlier this week, I shared some progress on my Garden of Nurgle army. I’m really happy that it’s going well and that I’ve nearly finished the bulk of the army, model-wise. Those Beasts have me worried, though…

Anyways, I was having a look through my stock of unfinished, forgotten, neglected or otherwise-abandoned models and I came across quite a few of the old Corrupters from Avatars of War. The Corrupters are basically Nurgley, plaguey, Chaosy Warriors. Yes, they would make very fine Nurgle-marked Chaos Warriors:

Well, I do like Papa Nurgle, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the forces of Chaos, so why not? I’ve got a ton of these Corrupters that I can use, with a mix of already-built miniatures and others that are still in pieces. I’d usually say “on sprue”, but these parts come in little baggies instead. I suppose I also already have a finished Daemon Prince, seeing as I made one for the Maggotkin army and now can’t really fit it into the list.

Here’s a list I quickly put together, based again on miniatures that I would like to make, rather than any semblance of making a coherent or effective force:

Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (115)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (155)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
Chaos Lord on Manticore (255)
 Blade & Lance

10 x Chaos Warriors (200)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
10 x Chaos Warriors (200)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
10 x Chaos Knights (340)
 Ensorcelled Weapons
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
 Reinforced x 1

1 x Slaves to Darkness Chaos Spawn (50)
1 x Slaves to Darkness Chaos Spawn (50)

Chaos Warshrine (185)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
Soul Grinder (235)
 Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

Total: 1995 / 2000

So, with that down, let’s break down each unit, and look at how I would go about making them…

Chaos Warriors

These will likely be the most straightforward of the miniatures in the army. I’m simply going to use the Corrupters miniatures from Avatars of War. They look fantastic and are really characterful. Here’s a look at the minis:

I have loads of these and will likely expand past the 20 that I have above, but I do feel that 20 is a good initial goal. Limiting them also ensures that I’m going to have a variety of miniatures in the army, rather than just filling up all of my points with Warriors.

Chaos Knights

Now, Avatars of War never put out any mounted Corrupters, but that’s fine. As I mentioned before, I have a ton of these minis, including some unbuilt. I can take these unbuilt miniatures and use their parts with Games Workshop’s existing Chaos Knights kit.

I’ll really just be swapping in the Corrupter bits on top of the mount and legs from the Knights kit. These will look pretty good, I think. There may be a little green stuff needed to fill some gaps, but I don’t anticipate much more difficulty. Once box of Knights would be enough for this list.

Daemon Prince

So, rather handily, this guy is already built, and is well on his way towards getting painted. He’s just the Drycha miniature with some Plague Drone parts, mounted on an old Citadel Woods tree:

I’m really happy with how this dude looks and am delighted at the idea of really showcasing him in this list. It’s nice to check off one units before even starting the army, y’know?

Sorceror Lord

So, there are nice Chaos Sorcerer miniatures, and I have the Rotbringer Sorcerer miniature, but they didn’t seem quite what I wanted. Instead, my attention was drawn to this beauty from the Underworlds range:

Yeah, she needs no conversion at all. She reminds me a lot of the Nurgle Sorcerers from Vermintide, which is a big plus! She comes with another couple of models which could easily become Chaos Lords on foot, or just used as Blightkings later on.

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

The standard Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount miniature is a nice one, and it suits Nurgle colours. It also has a tentacle arm, which is a plus. That said, there’s really no contest as to which miniature I will actually use. it has to be the Harbinger of Decay:

I’ve loved this model since it first came out in metal. I recently picked up the Finecast version and I fully intend to use it here.

Chaos Lord on Manticore

So, I like the idea of filling the army with lots of lovely beasties, and the Manticore is a great option for including both a monster and a hero. The standard miniatures comes the option of being built as either a Lord or a Sorcerer:

Now, I’m looking to make a Nurgley lord. That means scythe blades and hoods. As such, I can probably build a Lord that would happily count as either the Lord or the Sorceror. Isn’t flexibility fun? I might even use magnets for the first time in order to add the shield as an option to differentiate between the two variants. Some Treelord parts will help to make it better fit into the army as well.

Chaos Spawn

TheSo, I wasn’t sure what to use for spawn. There are a ton of different options for a Nurgle spawn and, as long as there are plenty of tentacles and whatnot, then you can really do just about anything. Then this miniature just jumped out at me:

Perfect, innit? Just a could of wee extra tentacles, maybe a Nurgling or two, and we’re good to go. Yeah, I’m really stoked about this one! Maybe I can even do something cool with the squirrel?

Chaos Warshrine

The Warshrine is pretty good in game at the moment, and it’s an interesting miniature. The thing is, it’s also a bit generic. It looks very much like a Chaos Undivided thing. And that’s fine, but it’s not what I want. Let’s Nurgle it up by blending in some bits from the Screaming Bell kit:

I think this will be really cool. I’d use the archway and bell in place of the large round Chaos symbol on the Warshrine. I also have a random Nurglish sorcerer that I got somewhere – I really can’t remember where, but it’s not GW – who can ride up front. This could look cool!

Soul Grinder

The Soul Grinder is a model that is is a bit… I dunno… iffy? I think that I can have a good go at carving it up and building in bits of the amazing Treelord model form the Sylvaneth range:

I also have the building parts of the Lumineth terrain piece left over. Given the massive 160mm base that this chap will sit on, I reckon I could use this to make the base more interesting, and to have the Soul Grinder climbing over it with those cool, segmented legs.

Terrible, Terrible Conclusions

One other unit I’d love to do is some Varanguard, but I really don’t know what I’d do to make them really Nurgley.

Well, damn. I started writing this as a bit of an opportunity to just throw ideas around, but around the point where I was writing about the Chaos Spawn I ended up ordering some minis.

Oh well, guess I’m doing this.


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