Completed: Fellwater Troggoths

Last night, I finished up the 9 Fellwater Troggoths I need for my Troggoth army.  These were not nearly as enjoyable to paint as the Rockgut Troggoths but I am glad they’re done.

These 9 Troggs represent the last of the core troops for the army. That feels good!

So where are we with the army? Well, the 2k goal is tantalisingly within reach. These two chaps are next in line:

Once they’re done, I’ll be over the 2k mark! Woo and yay! The only problem is that this will rely on the big chunk of points taken up by the Troggoth Hag. I like the Hag, but I don’t know that I intend to field her regularly.

In order to make a more usable army I therefore have another 5 minis to finish after these two chaps. These are the three wolfriders that make up Rippa’s Snarlfangs and the Breakaboss and Marshcrawla Sloggoth from the Kruleboyz faction.

Rather nicely, these will also represent my first finished Kruleboyz miniatures!

I have updated the Gloomspite gallery accordingly.


  1. Sweet! I’m amazed at how well those sculpts hold up considering their age. Your painting really leans into the ‘riot of colours’ approach, particularly with the contrasting colour of the vomit.


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