Completed: Marshcrawla Sloggoth

I said previously that I had finished the Troggoths, except for perhaps a couple of allied units from the Kruleboyz range. I said that I was done with Troggoths for now and that I’d save these two models for later and would paint something else first, before going back to them. Then I ignored that and just started painting them anyway. I just sat down, looked around and decided they were the most interesting things on my desk.

On Tuesday, I finished up this Marshcrawla Sloggoth, a Great little buff machine that will hover behind my Troggoths and hopefully never get into combat. It’s just not what he’s for.

next up is the Breaka-Boss on Mirebrute Troggoth, which I’d like to get finished this evening. I might manage it. We’ll see.

Now, although Troggoths, these are actually Orruk Warclans minis. As such? I have gone ahead and created a new gallery page for these minis. I’ve chucked Kragnos in there as well, as he’s in their book. Hopefully the Breaka-Boss will find his way in there soon as well.

I have a Kruleboyz list to paint up. It’s part of my little quest to really dive deep into the forces of Destruction. That said, I don’t think they’ll be my next items. The gallery won’t find itself getting populated for a wee while.

I also have an Ironjawz army, though. It was actually painted by someone else. Here’s an image from his Instagram showing the army:

I need to get around to redoing the bases so that they match the rest of my Destruction forces. I think this is something I’ll pick away at over time. As I get them done, I’ll add them in batches to the gallery. Of course, I’ll make it clear what models were painted by me, and what was done by someone else.


    1. Magnets in the base, metallic sheet in a tray.

      He’s not left the house yet and it’s a real worry! I actually had to give a Nurgle model some tentacle reduction surgery at the weekend. I’d given him extra tentacles from the Treeman kit and they were just too long and spindly and delicate. kept getting tangled in other models. Reduced to keep the look, but make it more pragmatic.


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