Completed: Breaka-Boss

Okay, so this one really is the last of the Troggoth army. Its not a Gloomspite Gits miniature, but as a Troggoth from the Kruleboyz range, it makes for a good ally. It can also hand out orders, which is bloody handy in an army that is starved for characters to hand these out.

All in all, I’m happy with the mini:

The rider was tricky to paint. I should probably have done him separately before attaching him to the Troggoth. I’m generally pretty reluctant to do anything in subassemblies and then I always moan about not doing subassemblies. I am unlikely to change. I still reserve the right to complain, though.

I’ve updated the Orruk Warclans gallery page to include this mini. The bulk of the Troggoth army is in the Gloomspite gallery.

That’s me finished up two armies in 2022. Good progress!

Unsure what to do next. I could do some more Kruleboyz, expand the Maggotkin, or start the conversions for my Soulblight Gravelords, the parts for which should arrive today or tomorrow.


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