Northern Knights March 2022 Painting Contest: Entries and Results

Another month, another painting contest from our friendly, local gaming club! This month we were to submit a single miniature – preferably a hero – on a base no bigger than 40mm. From the Discord:

This month, we’re holding out for a hero!

Submit one miniature on a 40mm or smaller base. This should be a single character from an army, a miniature suitable to be an RPG character, or any other single miniature with a suitably heroic (or villainous) bearing.

There will not be a club vote for March’s miniature. Instead, you should submit it in person on club night on the 31st (or thereabouts by arrangement) and it will be taken to the annual model show where visitors to our booth will cast their votes! You should also submit a picture here, because we all want to see your fantastic miniatures!

Your miniature will thereafter be returned to you.

Good luck!

We got a fair few entries, too! Here’s the full spread:

The voting happened over the weekend, at the Caithness Model Club’s annual show. You can click here to visit the page I put together for the event to see some gorgeous photos of each miniature and view the final winner as well!


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