Completed: Be’Lakor, the Dark Master

Be’Lakor is a long-established character in Warhammer, and one that has long fascinated me. One of my favourite games that Games Workshop has ever produced was their fantasy skirmish game, Mordheim. In Mordheim, Be’lakor was heavily suggested to be the puppet master, pulling the strings of those who entered the damned city.

It was exciting, therefore, when Games Workshop released the third book in their Broken Realms series. It focused on Be’Lakor, the First Daemon Prince.

With the book came an amazing new miniature. The old Be’Lakor mini was cool, but it was definitely dated. I really liked how the new model was a huge improvement, and just plain huge, but also still maintained the main design elements of the old model. It was very much an update and kept the character of the original whilst just being so, so much better.

Now, I felt like painting him, so here he is:

I’m actually thinking I might put together a wee army of Legion of the First Prince, Be’lakor’s combined force of Chaos Daemons. I actually started a post on this last week, but got distracted. I’ll try to finish it up, but I’m a bit late with it now!

I’ve added Be’Lakor to the Slaves to Darkness gallery, too.


    1. Fully assembled. Some detail underneath and on the back was tricky, but overall not too bad for all in one. I try to avoid subassemblies if possible.


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