Wishlisting (Well, Planning) Projects: Be’Lakor’s Boys and Ignoble Courts

Welcome to another Wishlisting article, the series that feeds my creativity and punishes my wallet. Here are our previous installments:

  • Volume 1: GSC, Iron Warriors, Garden of Nurgle
  • Volume 2: Orks, Sky Pirates, Creations of Bile
  • Volume 3: Stormcast Special
  • Volume 4: Chaos Sisters, Crusading Word Bearers, Terminus Est
  • Volume 5: Undead Guard, Unliving Cities, Vampire Coast

I’ve started several of the projects from this series. Dear God, what am I doing with my life?

Now, I feel that I should state right from the get-go that unlike previous installments in this series, I’ve actually already started the projects in this post. Yes. Yes, I am that efficient in my ruinous decisions.

With some trepidation, let’s proceed…

Legion of the First Prince

The Legion of the First Prince is an army from the Broken Realms series of books that arrived just before the third edition of Age of Sigmar hit. It’s a combined force of Daemons of Chaos, independent of the four Chaos Gods. It’s actually a bit like the Daemons of Chaos books for Warhammer 40,000 and the now-defunct Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

There aren’t really any conversions planned here. I just really like the idea of this army. I have a fair amount of Daemons already (you’ve previously seen my Maggotkin and some recent efforts to finish off some old Tzeentch stuff) so I’m keen to use them together. Many of the Daemons that I have sitting unpainted were picked up to use in 40K or Warhammer Fantasy. A fair amount of these models were from a couple of eBay job lots, actually.

In terms of what I’d gather, I think the units I generally see in a lot of lists are:

  • Be’Lakor – built and primed
  • Kairos – half-painted
  • Great Unclean One – Painted
  • Contorted Epitome – I don’t have this
  • Plaguebearers – Painted
  • Pink Horrors – Painted
  • Blue Scribes – I don’t have this
  • Bloodletters – I have a ton of these, unpainted
  • Daemon Prince – Painted
  • Flesh Hounds – I don’t have these
  • Bloodthirster – I don’t have this

Yeah, I’ve long liked Daemons. Let’s give it a go!

In the time since starting to write this post, I’ve actually started, and indeed finished, painting the big guy, himself:

I’m keen to pick away at this force. It’s also cool in that it lets me grab Daemon models that I like the look of, and see if I can make them work in there.

Ignoble Courts

Let me show you a picture from my Instagram that really demonstrates the extent of my backlog:

Yes, friends, those are Bretonnians. In shrink wrap. Oh, dear.

I’m not going to build a Bretonnian army for Warhammer, either 8th edition or in anticipation of The Old World. And I have too much self-respect to play 9th Age. Sorry 9th Age fans, but nah. I just don’t care enough.

The thing is, I could use them. The ghouls of the Flesh-Eater courts are grotesque and twisted creatures, but they don’t see themselves that way. Looking at themselves, they see nobles, knights, and serfs of a noble, feudal kingdom.

This really appeals to me. Also, hey, what else am I going to do with these knights?

Let’s look at a list…

Allegiance: Flesh-eater Courts
– Grand Court: Hollowmourne
– Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery
– Triumphs: Bloodthirsty

Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (445)
Abhorrant Archregent (245)
Varghulf Courtier (160)
Crypt Haunter Courtier (115)

6 x Crypt Horrors (220)
 Reinforced x 1
6 x Crypt Horrors (220)
 Reinforced x 1
6 x Crypt Horrors (220)
 Reinforced x 1
20 x Crypt Ghouls (170)
 Reinforced x 1

3 x Crypt Flayers (180)

Total: 1975 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 4 / 4
Wounds: 139

So, in the twisted minds of the Ghouls, troops are separated into Serfs and Knights. Crypt Ghouls are Serfs, whilst Crypt Horrors and Crypt Flayers are Knights. This is why I have chosen to play as Hollowmourne, as it focused on getting a ton of Crypt Horrors (knights) onto the battlefield.

I’m not sure if this is a good list, but it’ll be fun to put together.

So, then, how am I going to put this together? What models do I need?

Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon

The leader and centrepiece model of my army will be the Terrorgheist. Now, the biggest thing that the Bretonnians had that’s comparable is the Hippogryph. Coolies! The thing is, I never actually had a Bretonnian Hippogryph, so I’ve had to improvise.

What I do have is the High Elf Hippogryph from the old Island of Blood set. With a bit of chopping and changing, it will happily suffice for a leader. The only wee issue is the size of the mini. it’s pretty small in comparison to the 130mm base that the Terrorgheist uses.

I’m having to be creative with the basing to fill out the space a bit. I do have plans and am just waiting for some materials to arrive.

Abhorrent Archregent

The next character is the Abhorrent Archregent, who seemed way to much fun not to take. My best bet for him was going to be a Paladin on foot. I don’t have a suitable model for this, so I’ve ordered a 3D print that would substitute quite happily:

A head swap is really all that’s needed on this one, y’know? The knight is broadly in the right style and will look pretty cool on the table, I reckon.

Crypt Haunter Courtier with Arcane Tome

Ok, the main reason the Crypt Haunter is getting the Arcane Tome is that I really want to use a Damsel/Prophetess from the Bretonnian range. It’s a great mini. She’s also mounted, like all of the “knight” models from the army.

Now, I was a little concerned about the head swap. For most of the models in the army, I’m just removing their heads and sticking a ghoul head on there. Not so for her. She needs something more. So, in true serial-killer fashion, I sliced her face off and replaced it with that of a ghoul:

It might be a tad clumsy, but I’ll clean it up a little with greenstuff. It also maintains her lovely hair, which I feel is important to the look of the mini.

Varghulf COurtier

I gave away my actual Varghulf recently, but he wouldn’t have fit with the tone of the army anyway. I considered maybe using a Pegasus Knight or a pegasus-mounted Paladin for this piece, but then I decided to use something special. I had an old metal copy of The Green Knight!

This is another model where a simple head swap will suffice. I did want to make something special, as the Varghulf is a bit of a focal point of the army, resurrecting allies, feeding on magic, and getting buffs from nearby models. I’ve started on the mini:

He’ll need a shield at some point, but I’ll find something suitable.

Crypt Horrors

As a Hollowmourne force, the Crypt Horrors are the core of the army. Okay. Well, what’s the core of a Bretonnian army? The Knights! Simply, the Crypt Horrors will be represented on the field of Battle by some Bretonniant Knights with a wee head swap.

Simple conversion. I’ll need 18 knights to fulfill my goal, with another 3 available for summoning. I have, I think, around 16 knights to hand, but I likely have some random – already built – ones floating around either here or at my parents’ house. I also have a unit of Questing Knights, which can add some variety if required.

Crypt Flayers

Now, the Crypt Flayers are basically flying Crypt Horrors. Doesn’t it make sense that the miniatures I will use to represent them will be flying Knights? Rhetorical question, btw. Of course it makes sense. I have 6 of these sitting. This will give 3 to field in the list above and 3 to summon in as required.

Again, in term of the conversion, a simple head swap will suffice. I want these guys to look pretty noblebright.

Crypt Ghouls

Now, here’s where, like with the Archregent, I run into an issue with availability of minis. I would like to use a unit of Men of Arms to create my unit of 20 Crypt Ghouls, and maybe a further 20 for summoning. I dinnae have any, though. Sadface. What I do have is an increasingly strained wallet and an online store that sells Fireforge Games miniatures!

I was despairing somewhat about this when Aron from Woehammer pointed out that model companies exist that are not Games Workshop (this was also before I went elsewhere for my Paladin on foot). Duh. It’s not like this is a force that I’ll be taking to any tournament. There’s not a single Kragnos, Belakor, or Kairos in here, FFS! I’ve ordered a box of Sergeants from Fireforge. There are 48 in the box, so I’ll be able to do two units of ghouls.

Project Outlook

This project is happening. As you can see above, I’ve started on the models. It’s not a priority for me. Well, one model will be a priority, because I’ll need it for this month’s painting contest, but other than that, this will likely either be a slow burn, or something that is put off for quite some time, then blitzed through. We’ll see.

I’m also looking forward to the presentation. I’m going old school bright, here. Bright green static grass, red flowers (a hint of the bloodshed), and nice, bright green base rims. Yeah, let’s go there!


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