Completed: A Trio of Endless Spells

In pressing on with Be’Lakor’s boys (well, for a given value of ‘pressing’), I painted up a selection of Endless Spells that I intend to use with the army. Until playing my first game with Be’Lakor the other week, I hadn’t actually used an Endless Spell. Now I have a few to choose from!

First up a quick Emeral Lifeswarm. I went with green for this. It has ‘Emerald’ in the name, so it seemed the way to go:

Slapped on some contrast, did some dry brushing and picked out a few bits. Quick and easy. that’s a recurring theme with these miniatures.

Next up are my favourite minis of the set, the Umbral Spellportal(s). This is probably also my favourite spell in terms of in-game rules.

With my intention to mostly hand these over to Kairos, I went with some nice, Tzeentchy colours. There’s a wee bit of white in the pink in one of the pictures above. I’ve fixed that mistake now. Woops!

Finally, the Soulscream Bridge. These things are bloody HUGE:

I feel like these took far longer to paint than they should have. I enjoyed painting the others, but not so much with the bridge. Still, it’s a useful spell, and it’s done. That feels good, at least.

5 minis! Delighted. Had a bit of a drought over the past couple of weeks. I think that big batches don’t really help with droughts, and the big batch of Blue Horrors that I’m working on just now is probably not all that conducive to actual progress:

Getting there, though! Yeah, I’ll get through these 40 guys in the next week or two and move on to something else. Probably The Contorted Epitome or some Khorne stuff. We’ll see. I need to finalist my list, but I know I’ll definitely need the Blue Horrors.


  1. Great work on the spells! I’ve gotten stuck on a few so it’s good motivation to see you power your way through them. 🙂


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