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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 5: (Sci) Fi-Curious

In this episode, Alex and Stuart boldly explore sci-fi gaming in its various forms. They begin with a brief discussion of the recent split between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games before giving top ten lists of their favourite sci-fi board games and video games. Things are then rounded off with Alex being given a sci-fi quiz. This episode is… Continue reading No Rerolls Radio, Episode 5: (Sci) Fi-Curious

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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 4: Worlds of Darkness, Old Versus New

Episode 4 features a discussion about White Wolf's World of Darkness games. Specifically, whether we prefer the old or the new editions. We discuss broad themes, metaplot and take a significant detour into religion. We also seem to be getting to grips with some of our sound-demons, and we seem to have sorted out the echo problem. Sound levels from hosts are still a little uneven, though. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments below! We're also open to suggestions for topics of future shows.

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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 3: What Makes a Good Hobby Store?

Our third episode sees our intrepid hosts tackling the topic of game stores - what do we want from our hobby shops? This episode also features Stuart and Alex struggling against sound issues. A lot had to be cut due to echo and there are a few spaces were we don't quite sync up and it sounds like the hosts are talking over each other. The quest to master our production demons continues! We also give a little preview of the next episode, in which we debate which version of World of Darkness is the best. If you'd like your voice to be heard in that debate, you can leave a comment on our blog at (Copyrighted music by 'Chameleon' shared at Creative Commons 'Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives' licensed. See:


Great Games with Traitor Mechanisms: An Audio Followup

Earlier this week, I posted an article that featured a handful of games that make good use of traitor mechanisms.  Here, I reflect a little on this article and discuss on further game in which the traitor mechanism is central to play: This was recorded before our first episode of No Rerolls Radio, otherwise I'd… Continue reading Great Games with Traitor Mechanisms: An Audio Followup

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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 1: An Introduction to Stuart and Alex

In the first episode of our new podcast, our intrepid hosts introduce themselves and utterly fail to follow any sort of structure. This acts as an hour and half long (eep!) introduction to Stuart and Alex in which they discuss: 1. How they got started with tabletop gaming 2. Some of their favourite games 3. What they write about on No Rerolls 4. Their best gaming experiences 5. Some negative gaming experiences 6. Their favourite articles thus far on No Rerolls Only 6 questions, but 6,000 tangents!