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Step Through the Stargate: Playtest for Wyvern Games

Stargate was a fantastic franchise.  The original movie was great, but what I really loved was everything that came after it.  Specifically, the series really took on a new life when it hit TV screens in 1997.  That a single sci-fi movie spawned such a huge TV franchise is really something special.  So, then, let's… Continue reading Step Through the Stargate: Playtest for Wyvern Games

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Lego Ideas and a Lego HeroQuest Set

I've been vaguely aware for some time of the Lego Ideas line.  I was aware that users could submit ideas for new sets that may or may not then be taken up by Lego.  Beyond that, I didn't really know anything else until looking into it over the past few days.  So, how does it… Continue reading Lego Ideas and a Lego HeroQuest Set

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Wyrd Previews Wyrdscapes Terrain

I'd heard that Wyrd was coming out with a range of terrain for Malifaux, but I was very excited this week to finally see a preview of the terrain.  Games like Malifaux rely heavily on terrain for game balance.  If you put insufficient terrain on the table, ranged crews are suddenly incredibly powerful as others are starved… Continue reading Wyrd Previews Wyrdscapes Terrain

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Asmodee Tease World of Darkness Apps

Tabletop juggernaut Asmodee have recently tweeted an image promoting current nd upcoming apps for mobile devices.  The image promotes staple titles such as Small World, Pandemic and Ticket to Ride, along with an upcoming edition of beautifully illustrated card game, Onirim. The interesting and surprising bit of this is in the other two upcoming games.  Take a look: Yeah, look,… Continue reading Asmodee Tease World of Darkness Apps