GW’s Gen Con Weekend Reveals Roundup

This weekend was Gen Con weekend! It’s the premier tabletop gaming and Covid super spreader event in Indiana, and GW is using it as an excuse to do a ton of reveals!

6 games are promised reveals. It’s a pity that Age of Sigmar is not among them, as I’d have hoped to maybe get an indication of what Battletomes are coming out next. I’m sure there will be something on that soon from other sources. I hope. Please.

That aside, let’s crack on with the reveals!


Underworlds seems to have been a real success for Games Workshop and they’ve kept churning out gorgeous warbands, following a season-based released schedule. The newest season will be kicked off with the Harrowdeep boxed set:

In terms of content, the set contains some pretty nice miniatures. I mean, there’s all the game stuff as well, but I never really got into Underworlds. Not only is the new Kruleboyz gang really cool, but this is also the best Stormcast crew that they’ve put out:

See that Stormcast with the hood and the lantern? See it? Brilliant. Love it. I find a lot of Stormcast are, although really great models, somewhat lacking in character. That’s not the case, here. Really, truly excellent miniature. The whole Kruleboyz Kunnin’ Krew (there an acronym for that? Oh… oh dear…) is great. I especially like the strangeness of them.

Finally, I appreciate the visual and narrative synergy between the two warbands. You can imagine these boyz snatching people from the edge of town under the cover of darkness and the then Xandire’s Truthseekers being dispatched to solve the problem. Yeah, I like this set. It’d be nice if the Kunnin’ Krew would be useful in AoS, but that just doesn’t seem to happen with Underworlds warbands when they make the jump over.

Kill Team

With the launch box for thew new edition of Kill Team being a limited release, this upcoming box represents a longer-term starting point for new players. As with the limited edition box, it focuses on Orks and Imperial Guard (sorry, Astra Miliwhatsits):

The difference seems to be a slightly cut down rulebook and different terrain. Whilst the limited box had lots of big, lovely, Orky terrain pieces, this set really just has scatter terrain. Really nice scatter terrain, of course, but it’s still less than the other set. This should also lower the price point, I suppose.

The set also contains the lovely new Ork and IG miniatures that we saw in the original. It’s also been confirmed that these miniatures will be released for general retail in a pair of squad sets:

I think these will sell pretty well, both for use in Kill Team and 40K more generally. Both are fantastic, new sets of miniatures that will easily find a home in their respective ranges. IG players in particular have long wanted plastic troops in the style of the Death Korps of Krieg. Others have just wanted updated core troops, given how dated the Cadian and Catachan plastic are. I know GW put out an upgrade sprue for the Cadians, but that really felt like papering over cracks rather than dealing with the actual issue.

In yet more Kill Team news, we turn to Chalnath. This set will see the forces of the Tau go up against the Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas:

The boxed set looks to contain a unit of Tau Pathfinders and a unit of Adepta Sororitas Novitiates. For the Battle Sisters, this is a new unit with new miniatures representing new, fledgeling Sororitas. The miniatures are pretty nice and, of course, will be usable 40K as well as in Kill Team. I’m actually, surprisingly, more impressed by the Tau miniatures in this set. Tau aren’t my thing, but these Pathfinders are really pretty. It’s a pity that they aren’t new miniatures but rather old ones with an upgrade sprue, much like the recent Cadian one. As much as I like these Pathfinders, I don’t want this upgrade sprue thing to become the norm.

The set will also include a book with some new scenarios and rules for the miniatures in the set, as well as some terrain. The terrain is a bit less exciting, being the same Sector Imperialis stuff we got in the 2018 Kill Team starter. Not to disparage this terrain; it’s good, just not new or exciting.

I’m curious as to the price point for this box. I’m excited for new Kill Team content, but not if every expansion comes in a £100+ boxed set, y’know?

Blood Bowl

Not had a proper Blood Bowl release for a while, at least not in terms of actual teams. This is a particularly cool addition to the range as it’s not a team that has existed previously on the tabletop. It actually originated in the video game. I like the idea of there eventually being a team for each Chaos God. I hope they go down that route…

The whole team looks great, but the highlights for me are the Khorngor. I liked the old metal Khorngor and Pestigor miniatures from back in the day and I like the Tzaangor. Again, I just like seeing cool, God-specific twists on different Chaos units. These new Khorngor are more canine-looking than previous Beastmen, which is really fitting for this theme.

I need to paint up some more Blood Bowl stuff, and I keep meaning to pick up some Nurgle’s Rotters. It’s great to see new and interesting teams arrive!

Warhammer 40,000

The Warhammer 40,000 reveal wasn’t really much of a surprise. We’ve known for some time that the Black Templars were coming and we’d already had the reveal of that stunning Emperor’s Champion miniature. Now, Games Workshop is releasing a launch box, as they seem to be doing a lot these days, with some sweet, new goodies:

It’s fantastic to see the return of neophytes and mixed squads for the Templars. This was always a cool, unique feature of the Black Templars. That new Marshal miniature is also both awesome and, like neophytes, a great throwback to what’s come before. The composition is really close to that of the old version. I like when GW does this. Be’lakor was a good example of this, as was the new Kal Jericho and, of course, the Emperor’s Champion model that is also in this set.

I remember going all-in on the Black Templars when they were released at Games Day 2005. I won’t be doing that this time, but it’s still exciting to see them return, not just in name and with a new book, but with actual, awesome model support. I really can’t wait to see the new Helbrecht!


With the core gangs all being done, and each one also having been expanded with cool, unique, characterful units, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in wondering what was next for Necromunda. Well, it turns out that we’re onto the Outcasts. There will be a book and, of course, the obligatory miniatures:

They look pretty good. Some seem a tad bland, but they definitely fit the setting. I think I’d be more interested once I see the non-standard gangers that will hopefully be included. It seems a good faction for an Ogryn, or maybe some Ratlings. That’s pure wishlisting. There’s nothing to suggest that anything like that is coming.

There’s also a new terrain set in the form of an Underhive Market. It’s a pretty small set, but there’s a fair amount stuffed into the box:

it reminds me a bit of the Ork Mek Shop, in that it’s a quite specific set of terrain. It’s all scatter terrain, and it won’t fit every board setup, but it’s cool to see something a bit different, and something that adds some character and expands upon the setting. Yeah, not especially exciting, but pretty cool.


Warcry releases seemed to be tailing off, so it’s nice to see that it’s not been forgotten. Now, unfortunately, there’s not that much in this preview. There are no new minis yet, but there is a fun, atmospheric little teaser video:

Spiders! Will it be a group of spider-herding cultists or, much better, will they be cultists with spider-like qualities? SPider-centaurs? Driders? I do hope that these will be as cool as I hope they are. There’s really not much to go on in this teaser.

My Highlights

So, what were, for me, the best miniatures in this reveal?

Well, I do like the new Pathfinders a lot more than I would have expected. The only thing keeping me from really saying they’re the best is that, ultimately, it’s just an upgrade sprue. I shall give them the bronze award!

The Black Templar Marshal is going to take silver. He’s absolutely gorgeous. He’s dynamic. He draws on previous miniatures in a really cool way. He’s an exciting portent of what is hopefully to come in terms of fleshing out some more Space Marine chapters with unique and interesting minis. Bravo!

Gold, appropriately, goes to the Stormcast Eternals from the new Underworlds box. Specifically, this one miniature. I can appreciate that there’s less to her than the Marshal, but a good miniature doesn’t have to be intricate. It just needs to exude character, and I feel that this mini does that extremely well. Gold!


    1. Well, I’d generally disagree as I’m really enthused about some of their games – aos, kill team, and Warcry – but I’ll agree that a lot of these reveals were not super exciting.

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  1. In fairness, the Pathfinders aren’t as old a kit as Cadians! I agree with you on the price point, if Kill Team becomes something with such expensive expansions, I don’t know if it would be all that sustainable… hopefully it will calm down a bit!


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