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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 1: An Introduction to Stuart and Alex

In the first episode of our new podcast, our intrepid hosts introduce themselves and utterly fail to follow any sort of structure. This acts as an hour and half long (eep!) introduction to Stuart and Alex in which they discuss: 1. How they got started with tabletop gaming 2. Some of their favourite games 3. What they write about on No Rerolls 4. Their best gaming experiences 5. Some negative gaming experiences 6. Their favourite articles thus far on No Rerolls Only 6 questions, but 6,000 tangents!

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Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost (Audio Edition)

You know, the original poem - which can be found by clicking here - was so hastily written, largely in desperation at getting some initial content produced for this blog, that I never even noticed the sheer amount of typos and other little mistakes throughout.  I do cringe a little bit at the points where… Continue reading Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost (Audio Edition)