Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost (Audio Edition)

sup-Goblin Markets

You know, the original poem – which can be found by clicking here – was so hastily written, largely in desperation at getting some initial content produced for this blog, that I never even noticed the sheer amount of typos and other little mistakes throughout.  I do cringe a little bit at the points where I rhyme a word with the same word…

That said, one of the stated aims at the start of this little blogging project was to try out new things that we hadn’t really done before.  A review in verse was one such thing. An audio review is another.

Here is the review in audio format.

This was my first time producing any sort of audio and I am very self conscious this.  Feedback and advice are most welcome in the comments below.  Is it worth doing more of these, or should I stick to the written pieces?  One thing that we had discussed as a possibility was a podcast by the gaming group, so it is something that I’ve been thinking about.

I think you can hear my nerves in places, but I’d be less nervous next time, I expect.

Background music from the wonderful

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