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Are Modern Games Overproduced?

Modern games.  Many of them are not only fun and interesting games, but are beautiful objects in their own right.  The thing is, these huge, impressive production values come at a price and can mask an otherwise disappointing game.  Let's have a little think about these beautiful, possibly overproduced games.  I am still sans-computer so… Continue reading Are Modern Games Overproduced?

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Top 50 Games of 2017 (30-21)

Welcome to this year’s top 50 games list in which I list my personal top 50 games at this point in time.  My choices are not limited to games from this calendar year, but instead represent my current thoughts on the top 50 games out there.  Next year, some of the games featured may move… Continue reading Top 50 Games of 2017 (30-21)

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Games That Need Expansion

Most board games seem to get expansions - at least most successful ones.  Expansions can run the gamut from adding a few cards or minis, to a new way to play, to new board, to all of the above.  An expansion can add variety and replayability to a game, fix areas of a game that were… Continue reading Games That Need Expansion

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Top 50 Games 2016 (30-21)

  Right, part 3 of the top 50 list.  Let's go!  Actually, no.  Wait.  If you've not read them yet, you should probably go back and read part 1 and part 2.  Once you've done that, you may continue on and read about games 30 through 21. 30: The Settlers of Catan Year: 1995 Designer: Klaus Teuber… Continue reading Top 50 Games 2016 (30-21)