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My RPG Collection

Today, I thought I'd take you through my collection of RPG books.  That is, my physical collection.  As you can probably surmise from my frequent links to Bundles of Holding, I have a lot of digital copies of RPG books, too.  Those folders are vast, but also unimpressive and ultimately less satisfying from a collector's… Continue reading My RPG Collection

RPGs, Tabletop Games

Chronicles of Darkness on Sale at DriveThruRPG

I almost missed this sale! As much as I love the World of Darkness, I actually much prefer Chronicles of Darkness as a setting.  I prefer most of the games in the range (though Vampire: The Masquerade remains my favourite White Wolf game, overall) and I like the approach taken in building a setting for you… Continue reading Chronicles of Darkness on Sale at DriveThruRPG