Chronicles of Darkness on Sale at DriveThruRPG

I almost missed this sale!

As much as I love the World of Darkness, I actually much prefer Chronicles of Darkness as a setting.  I prefer most of the games in the range (though Vampire: The Masquerade remains my favourite White Wolf game, overall) and I like the approach taken in building a setting for you to play in, rather than constructing a huge, complex meta-plot that some Storytellers can find stifling.  Of course, that meta-plot can be really fun and fascinating, and some have complained that without the overarching story, these newer games felt somewhat bland, but all in all, I prefer Chronicles.

DriveThruRPG have a sale on – ending tomorrow – that offers significant savings on lots of Chronicles of Darkness PDFs.  75% off is a pretty good deal by anyone’s reckoning!


Most items are under $7, with the core books for each system going for $5.  This is great opportunity to jump in and pick up these PDFs on the cheap.

Definitely worth checking out before the end of the sale.  You can click here to visit DTRPG and start buying up one of the absolute best RPG settings out there!

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