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October Hobby Roundup

Following on from my recent post on motivation, I've decided to starting doing these monthly roundups. It's nice to have things to share. Painting and Modeling First and foremost, I worked my way through my second batch of Necrons. The images are below, or you can look at the previous article about them. I'm really… Continue reading October Hobby Roundup

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Hobby Update 03/06/18: Simulating a Tabletop

Hello!  For those who didn't follow my other blog, this will be a regular feature wherein each week, I'll be doing a quick pictorial roundup of hobby activity.  I expect these will be some of the most colourful posts on the blog! In the past week, I've been pressing on with painting my Pink Horrors… Continue reading Hobby Update 03/06/18: Simulating a Tabletop