October Hobby Roundup

Following on from my recent post on motivation, I’ve decided to starting doing these monthly roundups. It’s nice to have things to share.

Painting and Modeling

First and foremost, I worked my way through my second batch of Necrons. The images are below, or you can look at the previous article about them. I’m really pleased with how they turned out:

Yeah, I’m pretty chuffed. I know this is an easy scheme that lots of people have been using, but it works for me and I love how they look. I also managed to stay pretty consistent between batches, which was my goal. The best thing is that they really broke me out of my painting funk.

I then picked up a wet Palette and decided to have a go at painting a 3D printed model that I made to test out my Ender 3 when I first got it back in May. It was a model of Marco, the main character from my favourite Studio Ghibli film, Porco Rosso. Here he is:

He is pretty rough up close, but this is down to the PLA print, and the layer lines that the process creates. From a short distance away, he actually looks pretty fantastic, and I feel that he is one of the best miniatures I’ve painted… as long as you’re about two feet away!

The next thing I started working on was a batch of Skaven Plague Monks. I played Skaven in previous editions of Warhammer, back when everything was all ranked up and neat. I’ve gathered all of my pestilens miniatures, some of which were painted, and others not. I’ve sprayed the first 20 of them and am having a go at coming up with a quick and easy scheme. I mean, they’re Plague Monks. I have no intention of putting a lot of work into them. Slapping some contrast paints onto them, this is broadly what I have:

Quick and dirty, just as Clan Pestilens would like it! I’ll get the rest of them to the same state before I finish the base, weapons, fur, and other details.

Finally, I also made a bit of progress on a contest entry, wherein I had to create a colour scheme for a Space Marine chapter.

This is the first time I have painted Power Armour in a while, and it might actually be my first loyalist Space Marine. This is surprising, given that I started in the hobby some 23 years ago, now. Is that a record? Have I now lost? I do have a stack of Indomitus Marines to paint, but I don’t think I will be using this scheme.


With Covid restrictions still in place, it doesn’t look like my beloved gaming groups will b e getting back together any time soon. That said, I’ve managed to get some activities on the go.

I’ve got three D&D games going just now. One with a group that has been going for the past 2 years. With the advent of Covid, we have gone digital and although I like playing with this group, I find the nature of online play quite tricky. I react to social cues, and that’s just harder to do when interacting with disembodied voices. This has been my most reliable group over lockdown, just as they were in person. I’m currently playing as a Half Orc Wizard in this game and it’s a lot of fun. This is my first time playing a wizard in anything but a one-shot and I’m liking the damage I can put out with my spells.

I have another 2 D&D groups going. One is with a seasoned DM and I am enjoying it. The sessions have been a little inconsistent due to the other commitments of various players, so progress is a little slower here. I’m really enjoying the sessions we have, though.

The other group is just starting in the coming week. I’m going to try to keep better notes for this game and share my experience on here as we progress.

Finally, I am also playing in a Vampire: the Masquerade campaign. We’re using V5 and I’m having an absolutely fantastic (FANGtastic? Kill me) time. The only issue is that it’s been a few weeks now since our last session and I really hope that the group does not fall apart. It’s a good mix of players and the GM has done really well with balancing story progression with letting individual pursue their own individual agendas. This is the same group that I wrote about back in August.

In addition to the RPGs, I’ve been playing other games with my fellow Northern Knights. We’ve been playing World of Warcraft, dipping into the new levelling experience that came with the Shadowlands pre-patch. We’ve also been playing Hearthstone. Not the core games, but the new Battlegrounds mode, which sees 8 players fight it out in a cool, wee auto-battler thing. Finally, we have played a lot of Terraforming Mars on Tabletop Simulator. I have loved this. I mean, the game is already one of my favourites (number 1 on last year’s top 50!), but being able to play it during lockdown has been wonderful. Our games have also generally been very close, which really builds a lot of tension during the final scoring tally. This is great, as it keep things very interesting to the very end.


As we begin November, there are a few things I really want to get done:

  1. Finish up my chapter creation contest entry. I have a little more to do with the miniatures, but a fair bit to finish lorewise. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
  2. Finish up my first 20 Plague Monks for my Pestilens army. Once these are done, I need to go through the rest of the batches and attach their arms, weapons, etc. Some of these models have been sitting waiting for paint for over a decade!
  3. Build some more Necrons! I have vehicles to build, along with more Wraiths, Warriors, Praetorians, and the Silent King. I’m enjoying painting the Skaven just now as a break, but I will go back to finish off the Crons pretty soon.

And that’s us for October!


  1. Nice, that’s an impressive amount of hobbying in one month. I like the way you write about it too; it’s easy to understand the fun that you’ve had.
    I tend to treat my blog the same as this (soon to become a) series, in that it mainly serves as a diary for my benefit rather than because I have some significant message to share with the rest of humanity.


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