The Dresden Files RPG: Session 6 (Finale)

The final session of our The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game campaign opened with a bit of regrouping.  The kinetomancer was getting used to his new leg, which doubled as his staff, whilst the investigator returned from hospital following the unfortunate lightning incident.

Following on from the destruction of the demon, the group decide to confront Victor, their chief suspect.  They find Victor in his lake house and confront him, leading to a showdown with two party members pointing guns at Victor, whilst he points two blasting rods back at them.  The investigator, drawing on the knowledge gained from having two young children, realises that these rods are nothing more than replica Harry Potter wands…

It seems that Victor is far from the mastermind of this scheme.  Exploring the house and questioning (and poisoning) nearby faeries, the party realises that the true villains had been hiding in plain sight.  With a grim determination, the group travel to confront the proprietor of Big Pedro’s American-Samoan Pizza.

From the moment they entered Big Pedro’s place, the group were on edge.  This anxiety did not stop the kinetomancer from accepting a slice of pizza from Big Pedro, that turned out to be laced by a previously unencountered drug, the mysterious Null.  The kinetomancer lost all ability to access his magic.  This treachery revealed Big Pedro as a villain, and he drew his weapons and fired upon the group.  Thanks to the group’s quick reactions – and the GM’s terrible dice rolling – Big Pedro was quickly disarmed and knocked to the floor.  The group’s wizard turned his attention to Mrs. Pedro, who was frantically trying to cast a spell.  A bolt of pure kinetic force sent her sprawling and disrupted the kitchen, revealing crates of Three Eye and Null.

The Kinetomancer took this chance to ingest some Three Eye, trying to get his powers back.  This was a terrible idea, as the two drugs interacted in his system, creating an incredibly concentrated form of potion sickness.  The kinetomancer was floored, coughing up copious amounts of blood.


Before the party could aid their companion, the power was cut and a warden of the White Council appeared in the doorway.  The group recognised him as the warden who had threatened them previously.  He demanded that the group stand down and assist him in removing the drugs from the restaurant.  Before they could answer, he executed Mr and Mrs Pedro, but made the mistake of not killing their son, Little Pedro.  When Little Pedro indicated that he recognised the warden, that he had been to the restaurant many times before, the pieces fell into place and the party realised who the true mastermind was.

Once again, thanks largely to my terrible rolls, the group made short work of the Warden, and his intention of using Null to limit the use use of magic by those not under the White Council’s control was revealed.  The Three Eye was just a by-product that he allowed his underlings to sell as a form of payment.

And that was the end of the campaign.  The kinetomancer was rushed to hospital and it was unclear whether he survived or not.

One last thing I would like to share is the fantastic work that the group’s investigator did in mapping out the clues and events that the group encountered.  This was all her own work, based on her observations during the game.  You can click to get a closer look:



This was our first time using the FATE system, and it went very well.  The simplicity is a huge selling point, and I’m looking forward to using it again – possibly for a Discworld-themed adventure.

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