Judging a Game by Its Cover


Just a short pictorial post today.  Having recently spent some time looking through the work of the late Wayne England, I’m struck by how much artistic talent exists within our fantastic little hobby and the industry that surrounds it.  This conviction was further reinforced by my recent reading of the Shadows of Esteren rulebook and viewing the fantastic artwork that can be found therein.  Finally, my suggestion is confirmed by even a cursory glance across my game shelves, at the fantastic range of artistic styles and amazing pieces adorning the covers of my games.


This blog has actually featured a fair few articles about RPG book covers, which is a very similar concept.  The first of these articles can be found here.

I had a quick search and rounded up a few examples of game box art with the titles and text removed, allowing appreciated of the whole image.  Here are some varied and beautiful examples.  You can hover over each image to see the title of the games they adorn:

So much win!  There are countless games with further countless pieces of awesome artwork attached to them, and it can’t be denied that the quality of the aesthetic design can be a huge factor in the success of a game.  The value to thematic games, or licensed titles is obvious, but even quite abstract titles such as Settlers of Catan or Caverna do benefit from appropriate and attractive artwork.

I think it’s nice to step back and acknowledge this from time to time.

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