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Game Art: Century Golem Edition

The modern board game is, in addition to being functionally playable, often a beautiful object in its own right.  Companies put a lot of money and effort into the artwork and it's always great to see a really beautifully illustrated game.  One such game that I adore is the Golem Edition of Century from Plan… Continue reading Game Art: Century Golem Edition

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Judging a Game by Its Cover

Just a short pictorial post today.  Having recently spent some time looking through the work of the late Wayne England, I’m struck by how much artistic talent exists within our fantastic little hobby and the industry that surrounds it.  This conviction was further reinforced by my recent reading of the Shadows of Esteren rulebook and viewing… Continue reading Judging a Game by Its Cover

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Themes We’d Like to See: Studio Ghibli

Gone are the days where the mere presence of a licensed property attached to a board game should be treated as a red flag.  Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, A Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and others have proven than licensed games can be done well.  With it now safe to approach such games without protective… Continue reading Themes We’d Like to See: Studio Ghibli