John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Currently Free as eBook at

As a big fan of John Scalzi, I’m very keen to share this one with you.  Tor Books – publishers of fine sci-fi – are currently offering classic Scalzi novel, Old Man’s War as their eBook Club pick for June.


Old Man‘s War and the subsequent series of sequels are not my favourite Scalzi books, but they’re still great.  They tell the story of a far-flung future which sees humanity expanding beyond Earth and building an empire of colonies defended by genetically engineers octogenarians.

The story is compelling on a number of levels and at this price (free!) there’s really no loss if you decide that you don’t like it, after all.

You can click here to visit Tor’s website and pick up this eBook for free until the 21st of June.  Once you’ve signed up for the newsletter and got your free eBook, you’ll be informed of future offers and freebies.

I’d like, at some point, to also write an article or two about playing RPGs in Scalzi’s various universes, so there may be some more John Scalzi content at some point.

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