Bringing Order

Recently, I’ve moved into a new house.  It’s all very exciting and there’s still a lot to do to make it really feel like home, but we’re lucky that we’ve suddenly got a lot more space than before.  As someone with hobbies that involve a lot of bulky boxes and whatnot, space was very much at a premium in the old house.  This is no longer the case and now, not only is storage no longer a major issue, but I can also establish a dedicated space for my hobbies.  

This is a really exciting prospect and I am enjoying bringing order to a collection that has spent the past few years stuffed into cupboards, under beds and stacked in the spare room.  I’ve managed to get my hands on a couple of Ikea Kallax units, some other cube units and another couple of shelving units in which to organise and store my collections.  

At this point, the boardgames are broadly done, with the most played titles displayed prominently in the main game room, with a second big unit of less played games in another big unit in the spare room next door.  My RPG books are stored in some heavy duty shelf units salvaged from an office clearing. My previous shelves for these books could not cope with the weight of all of the hardback books and were starting to buckle.  These hardier shelves are far more appropriate and look great, as well as being far more functional.  

The challenge thus far has been in sorting out storage for my miniatures.  I’ve amassed a sizeable pile of unpainted or unbuilt miniatures which take up a significant amount of space.  As I type, many are sitting in stacks on the two folding tabled that I have put in the room to give a good surface on which to play.  In the coming week, I need to sort them into different piles and then sort them into drawer units, crates and other storage solutions.  

There’s a lot still to do, but I am getting there.  I’d hope to have some pictures, possibly by the end of next week, to let you see the progress.  Exciting (if busy) times!

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