5 on Friday: 19/01/18

5 on Friday

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for a little digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week.  Of course, we’re slow readers, so don’t be surprised if there are some articles that are a little older – these are just some of the great articles we happen to have actually read in the past week.

They are in no particular order, so let’s get into some recommendations:

A Warhost of Ghosts @ Dice Be Damned! – Some cool miniatures that are a slight twist on the usual approach for either undead or Wood Elves.  This one has been particularly interesting to me as I’m thinking of doing something similar with my old Bretonnian models.  I’m looking forward to seeing the author’s whole Sylvaneth army when it’s done.

Board Game Literacy @ Geekout South-West – This post of a useful starting point.  The author is right that the hobby brings with it a lot of different terms that can be difficult to pick up quickly.  Perhaps a bigger glossary would be a good idea, or a beginner’s guide to genres and commonly used mechanisms?

Hating on HATE @ Dude! Take Your Turn! – Yeah, I missed this whole controversy until a friend mentioned it last night.  This article has caught me up a bit.  HATE is not a graphic novel I’d read, but taking a look at the Kickstarter campaign, I can see some of the criticisms that some people have of it.  The trailer is really cringeworthy, I agree that the ovens comment is in poor taste, and I’m a bit iffy on a lot of the art direction.  Maybe it’s just not for me, but this article does a job of running you through the aspects of the game, or at least how the publisher is presenting the game, that people are finding questionable.

Terrain update 18/01/18 @ Languor Management – A quick and easy little terrain tutorial on putting empty sprues to use.  I agree with the author’s point about the wastefulness of sprues, but also agree on their necessity.  The author has managed to put his to good use, creating neat little barricades that look decent and don’t really cost anything to make.  Nice!

Panoceania Swiss Guard @ Black Wing Painting – Some beautiful painting, here.  I love the armoured PanO units for Infinity, so it’s great to see them so well painted!  I also really appreciate articles like these when the author takes the time to explain what they did.  Great pictures, too.

On No Rerolls, we’ve been exploring Games Workshop’s various audiobook offerings on Audible.  I’ve also started doing weekly hobby updates over on Hit Somebody.

See you next week.


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