Wyrd Previews Wyrdscapes Terrain

I’d heard that Wyrd was coming out with a range of terrain for Malifaux, but I was very excited this week to finally see a preview of the terrain.  Games like Malifaux rely heavily on terrain for game balance.  If you put insufficient terrain on the table, ranged crews are suddenly incredibly powerful as others are starved of the cover they need to get close enough to do any damage.  The same principle applies to other skirmish games, such as Infinity.

With this release, Wyrd seems to be going down the route of modular plastic tiles with modular plastic buildings and accessories.  Here is the teaser image:


The image was released with an accompanying blurb, which I relay here:

Wyrdscapes is our new terrain line coming this year. Featuring detailed, high-quality plastic, the Wyrdscapes line will allow players to build beautiful, customizable tables. 

The buildings have interchangeable floors, allowing you to build different looking buildings, all of which will stack on top of each other (well, it’s hard to stack on the roof pieces, but you get the idea). The table itself is made up of smaller tiles you can spin and put in different locations. And last but not least, different elements of smaller terrain can fill in the final details.

We are very excited to have this project in the pipeline!

It sounds good, and it looks fantastic.  It’s typical that this should be announced after I’ve purchased my own MDF terrain, but then I imagine that these plastic sets will cost a lot more than what I paid for my burnt wood.

That said, it looks great and is really thematic.  The promise of internal detailing is interesting, too.  I’m looking forward to seeing more images as we get nearer release.

Naturally, many Malifaux fans are finding this news rather exciting, and you can join the discussion over at Wyrd’s forum.  This is something that is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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