5 on Friday: Thoughts on No Rerolls and Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Chaaaanges

No 5 on Friday this week as I am travelling and all the formatting and adding links and whatnot is a pain on my phone.  So instead, here are some thoughts about the blog and some changes to these posts.  

This blog was originally intended as a group blog but, with only a few exceptions, it’s really been almost entirely me.  That’s fine, as I enjoy posting here, but I’d hoped that this would be a place with regular input from different voices.  The hobby is so varied and people comeat it from such different angles, so it’s a pity that it’s not turned out quite how I wanted.

Had I known it was largely going to be my own postings on here, I’d have focused more on my own, older blog, which was neglected for a long time in favour of this one.  To differentiate the two, my own blog contained mostly shorter posts about deals or photos of models or whatever, whilst this blog had longer, more in-depth posts.  Despite this, my older, neglected blog continued to get a lot more traffic than this blog which has struggled to really get going in terms of visitor numbers and hits.  That’s been a tad frustrating, but I’ve enjoyed writing on here and don’t intend to stop.

Going forward, I see this blog as the place for longer, more thoughtful posts and my other blog as more of a hobby log.  I’d like to see about getting some contributors in place to try and drive new, different and more regular content, too.

Regarding the 5 on Friday posts, I like the format a lot.  I get to share cool articles that I have enjoyed and write up a quick bit of praise for bloggers that I enjoy or admire.

From next week, I’m keen to expand on this, perhaps looking at 5 pieces of hobby news for the week or 5 new releases (or preorders, or Kickstarters) of the week.  This would be in addition to the blog posts, which are great.

The one thing I hate about these 5 on Friday articles is when I post 2 in a row, meaning I have not been able to post any other content in the previous week.  That sucks, and it’s usually down to being busy at work or, more rarely, being on holiday or otherwise away or travelling.

Anyway, I’ll give that a go for next week and, in the meantime, I hope you all have a great week in hobbying!

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  1. The beauty of blogging, especially in a fairly niche area like ours, is that you can pick and choose your own themes and frequencies of posting. I really enjoy reading the stuff you’re posting here and I doubt I’m the only one. But ultimately, you must focus your time on what is fun or useful for you and not on the values of your perceived audience.

    Good luck!


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