Games Workshop's Painting Videos

I’m not the strongest painter around.  I can do some of the basics, but I would like to improve and I reckon that the best thing I could do would be to work on my basic techniques and really get those down solidly before trying anything more complex.  

To this end, I am finding the painting videos that Games Workshop has been putting out to be really great.  They are presented by GW staffer Duncan Rhodes and are really easy to follow.  I found the Flesh Tearer armour video really handy when having a go at this guy:

Generally, he looks ok, but I am really aware that some of the areas of this model – particularly the face and gun, but also a couple of bits of armour around the back – suffer from clumpy paint that has gone on too thick.  

I guess I should have listened more to the video as Duncan is notorious for advising viewers to thin their paints and apply two thin coats.  I often disregarded this advice, but a recent video made this nugget of wisdom the entire focus, and I really liked it.  Here’s the video in question:

This is the sort of video I need – one that reinforces basic techniques.  As these techniques are the pre-requisites to many of the effects we want to achieve, covering them specifically and in-depth ensures that they are given the time they deserve, rather than just as brief mentions in other videos. 

I love the videos GW is putting out, and Duncan is a fantastic painting teacher.  All of the tutorials are valuable, but videos like this one really give you exactly what you need to know and how to apply it over all of your different painting projects.

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