Upcoming Changes

No 5 on Friday this week and I’m winding up a few other sites I have.  I’ve decided to cut down on my online footprint a little and stop paying for one of the hosting services that I’d been with since 2005.  Habits are hard to break for me.

In doing this, I’m shutting down two other blogs that have similar topics to this one.  Hit Somebody is my longtime blog that really had a lot of overlap on here.  Triple Triad Cards is based on the digital card game, Triple Triad.  Both are going soon and won’t be posted on again, save for a quick “we’re closing, go visit No Rerolls” post.

The content from Triple Triad Cards will be added here over time.  My weekly hobby update from Hit Somebody will move over here and move to Sunday to better set it apart from 5 on Friday.  Currently, they are both Friday features.

It’s a bit annoying that all of the links to Hit Somebody I’d posted on this blog over the past couple of years will go dead, but that’s only a problem with some of the older content.  I’ll try to remove some of the links over time.

So, yeah, looking forward to getting back on the horse with 5 on Friday next week, along with my hobby updates.  I want to put a lot more pictures on this blog, and also share some painting and whatnot.

I will also be changing the look of this site and stopping using the standard images for features like 5 on Friday, in favour of more relevant images that fit the content of that week’s post.

Will work it out over time.

See you soon!


  1. The important thing about producing content is that it makes you (the author) happy. Don’t worry about us readers; we’ll come and go as interests dictate. For what it’s worth, I really enjoy reading your blog and hope to continue to do so for a good long time to come.


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