On My Love of Triple Triad and the Sites On Which I Played

As mentioned recently, I’m closing my other blogs and consolidating everything here.  One of these blogs is about the card game, Triple Triad, from Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII.  So, before we really get into things, it makes sense to put out a post outlining my experience of playing this game online.  Of course, I’ve already written a little about the game, but I’m sure you’ll indulge me a little more.

Triple Triad is a card game that was included as a minigame within Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII.  Although only a minor part of a larger game, Triple Triad was well received and well liked by fans.  This success led to a number of online interpretations of the game, beginning with the site, tripletriad.com.


TT.com, as it was known, allowed players to create accounts, collect cards from the original deck of 110, and challenge each other to matches.  A thriving community grew up around the site, with players forming clans, holding tournaments, competing for prestige on the scoreboard and creating fan art such as custom cards and boards.  This continued until TT.com went down and was replaced with a new site, Triple Triad X.


TTX was a worthy successor to TT.com and introduced new elements to the game, chief among them being the addition of new decks beyond the original 110 card Final Fantasy VIII deck.  My favourite of these was the Final Fantasy Tactics deck.  The clan and tournament scenes continued to grow and the introduction of visually enhanced, unique, “special edition” cards gave new, exciting prizes for officially sanctioned tournaments.  The custom card scene, energised by the addition of newly designed decks and spurred on by ambitious side projects like the RPG-based Triple Triad Realms and Pokémon themed Triple Triad Mon, also flourished, with the development of many new sets of custom templates and the resultant cards.

It was a real shame when TTX went down and, for me, no site has really recaptured that spirit.  There have been others sites, both competitors and successors, and some have met with success, but for me, and for my involvement in that community, TTX was really the pinnacle of what has been done with this particular format.

I made my Triple Triad blog, largely out of excitement for a friend’s project to produce a new site in the spirit of Triple Triad X and my own enthusiasm for the game, the creation of custom cards and the spirit of the community that he is trying to rekindle.

I look forward to sharing some of my cards with you on No Rerolls, whether they are some of the older cards I created during my time at TTX, some new cards or, if people are willing, some cards created by other members of the Triple Triad community.


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