Hobby Update 29/07/18: One Construct and His Blade

We’re back up north, having spent a couple of weeks visiting family, buying a new car, seeing friends and generally chilling in the Central Belt.  It’s always nice to go off somewhere, but I like coming home.

On Wednesday, I headed down to Lybster for one of my D&D groups.  We’ve been using the Portland Arms Hotel for a while for these sessions.  As they’ve been getting sorted out for their reopening we’ve been getting shifted around from room to room.  That’s fine, everywhere has been great and we’re happy that they’ve been accommodating us.  This time, we were in a rather grander setting – their big, beautiful function hall.

This week’s session was a lot of fun, with an eccentric wizard forcing us to play his deadly equivalent of The Crystal Maze.  It went relatively well for us, with only a few mishaps – and at least those were funny!

On Thursday, we played some Terraforming Mars.  I’ve played a lot of this game this year and have loved it every time.  The game went well for me, but I took a very different approach to my normal one.  I actually had very few tiles on the board by the end of the game, with most of my points coming from cards.  I got a ton of points from the card that lets me build a defence fleet of fighters.  If you get that card early – as I did – it can generate a victory point every turn.  I also managed to claim all three milestones.  That helped a lot.

I knew I was doing well in the game, and I did win.  I was surprised by how close the game was, though.  Folk can really sneak up on you in Terraforming Mars.

We had some spare time at the end of the evening, so we also broke out Dice Forge.  I didn’t do terribly in this game, but another player was the clear runaway winner.  Like, by miles.  He found a good strategy and stuck to it.

I managed second place, largely due to getting a hammer card and ploughing my gold into it.  I maintain that this is a nice, quick, light game and that is, frankly, gorgeous.

This wee chap arrived this week, too.  He is a miniature from Reaper’s Bones line of miniatures and I picked him up to represent the Warforged Paladin I am playing in my Strahd campaign.


The model is decent, but this is the first time I’ve dealt with the Bones miniatures.  I’m not sure I like the flexible material they’re made of and I worry a little about painting it – will the paint flake off?

Speaking of miniatures, we had some visitors on Saturday and my cousin’s wee boy went ‘splorin through the house, fixating on my little corner of it.  He found and got into one of my GW cases and had a little play with some Chaos Marines.

He seemed to enjoy it!  Maybe a future gamer, here?

At the moment, I’m in the midst of a reorganisation/tidy of my games room.  This photo was taken not long after I started, so is a bit disorganised, but I just wanted to share my love for the World of Darkness!  These aren’t all of my WoD/CoD books, but they make the point.


The room needs a good reshuffle and tidy, so I’ll crack on with it and hopefully have pictures to share next week.  Will try to avoid distractions in that time…

See you then, and wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a great week of gaming!

    For your cousin’s wee boy, you can get a lot of mileage from starting them young 🙂 My kids played with some random old GW Ork miniatures I had lying around and they’re both painting armies quite happily now.


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