Humble Bundle: Digital Tabletop

There have been a fair few decent tabletop-themed Humble Bundles recently.  This latest offering is for a set of video games based on a selection of board and card games.  This is a great way to play these games solo without all of the setup and tidying.

As is usual for these bundles, the offer is separated into tiers – in this case, 3.  The first tier will set you back $1 but nets you three fantastic games:


Ticket to Ride is well known as a gateway game – a game that is fantastic for new players experiencing the hobby.  I love Ticket to ride and have several boxes of these games in the shelves behind me.  This bundle gives you both the PC and Android editions of the digital edition.  This alone is more than worth the price of entry.  This tier also includes Mysterium and Sentinels of the Multiverse, both of which are highly regarded titles.  I’m really keen to give Mysterium a shot as, although it’s been on my shelf for a while in its physical form, I’ve yet to have the chance to get it onto the table.

Tier 2 is priced according to an average, sitting at $6.05 at the time of writing.  This tier gives you another three games and some content from one of the games in the previous tier.  it also unlocks that tier.


Talisman is a classic.  I mean, I’m never sure if I actually like it, but I can appreciate that it’s a classic.  If you’re into Talisman, this bundle also gives you lots of extra content for it, which is great… if you like Talisman.  The safer bet in this tier is Carcassonne.  Oh, Carcassonne.  So simple, so elegant.  I love it.  Like, really.  It’s fantastic.  I mean, everyone’s seen Carcassonne by now.  You know what you’re getting with this one.  Other than a bit more content for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the remaining offering in this tier is Pathfinder Adventures.  This is based on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and looks pretty cool.  I like the visual style a lot.

Finally, the third tier is priced at $10 and gets you all the previous stuff plus one additional game:


Yeah, I have no idea what Armello is.  It doesn’t seem to be based on an existing game, but looksl ike it takes elements from a few.  The visual style is also really nice.  I dunno, the trailer doesn’t give you a lot to go on and it’s probably worth finding a Youtube video to see if it’s really worth getting.  Oh, I can help with that:

Yeah, the presenter in this video seems ok once his initial over-excitedness and pitch dies down.  Game looks ok, I reckon.  Worth a punt, considering you tenner will also get you all the previous content in this bundle.

I think this first tier of the bundle is fantastic value.  The rest is also good, but the really attractive games to me are in that first tier.  Armello does seem quite cool, though…

As usual, the bundle will benefit a charity – in this case, Water Aid.

You can click here to visit the bundle page to view and purchase the Digital Tabletop bundle from Humble Bundle.  There were a lot of bundles in that sentence…

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