Hobby Update 02/09/18: Terraforming the Sword Coast

There was no ‘5 on Friday’ this week as I’ve been rather pressed for time, and so have not been reading many blog posts.  I considered doing this on Friday afternoon, between getting home from work and people arriving for games, but I fell asleep!  After my unplanned nap, my focus was on a bit of tidying and getting sorted out for the weekend.  Will be back at it next week.

The week started with a visit from the jolly postman.  He was dropping off a stack of books for Dungeons & Dragons.  I picked up the DM’s guide and screen, Volo’s Guide to Monsters and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.  Needless to say, I was glad to take this delivery:

40337182_10156543966789194_3597302893020971008_o (1)

I wanted these books as I’ve really been enjoying this edition of D&D.  Based on (limited) experiences with previous editions, I didn’t think this would be an RPG that I’d want to collect, but I stand corrected.  This is the 4th RPG that I’m really determined to keep up to date with, alongside The Dresden Files, FATE and Paranoia.  Of course, I also have a sizeable collection of World of Darkness books, but I’m not aiming for completionism there.

This week, I also reopened the tabletop gaming group at the school in which I work.  Our numbers have been tailing off for the past few years from our peak of 6 children.  This week we had 11 – all of whom wish to play D&D.  I’ve roped in a colleague to DM for half of the group whilst I take the other.  He’ll start with us next week, but in the mean time we did some character creation.  It was a fun – if boisterous – session.


I really enjoyed this session and am looking forward to seeing where we go next.  As in previous years I’ll be running this group every Wednesday.

After the school group on a Wednesday, I drive south for my own D&D group.  This is a group that I am really happy to have stumbled across.  I’ve had a great time with them and made new friends, most of whom I doubt I’d have otherwise met.

I’m really enjoying playing as my half-orc cleric, Harrel.  His character is taking a very different approach than I had expected and he is rapidly establishing himself as a cult leader.  I am delighted by these developments.

On Friday, my other D&D group was cancelled so some of us got together for some board games instead.  We ended up playing Terraforming Mars.  It had been about three weeks since I’d last played, which is probably the biggest gap for this game this year!


The game did not feel that it was going my way until right at the end.  The last couple of turn really went my way.  Unusually for me, I managed to win without any awards and with only one milestone.  A good game in which the final score was not as tightly contested as the game felt throughout.

On Saturday morning I got around to shifting around some of the RPG shelves, moving some lesser-used books to the lower shelves and adding my new D&D books to the main shelves alongside another favourite:


I also have a second copy of the Player’s handbook that is currently on loan to the colleague who will be DMing for some of the kids in the after-school group.  My copy of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is, Wordery assures me, in the post.

Outside of gaming, I’ve done a bit of cooking this weekend.  I love cooking, but I’m finding time a bit tight at the moment.  I’ve taken to batch cooking, keeping the freezer stocked with lovely, home-made meals that both I and the wife really like.  I did a bit of a restock this weekend, whipping up a big batch of chilli (my fave) and chicken tikka masala (her fave).  Managed to squeeze out 26 portions.  Nice!

On the look out for some different, interesting and tasty batch-freezable meals.

This week will see the start of our after-school group D&D campaigns and I hope to make it along to my D&D session on Wednesday and the Northern Knights gaming group on Thursday.  I shan’t be making it to my D&D group on Friday, as I have other commitments that evening.

Catch you next week!

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