Hobby Update 09/09/18: Oh, Lovecraft, You Need to Dial it Back…

It’s not been a very game-heavy week, but I have managed to squeeze in just a little bit of hobby gaming.

First up, my after school group embarked on their first proper Dungeons & Dragons session.  For some, this was their first shot at D&D or RPGs in general.  I didn’t manage to get any photos this time, as it was a rather hectic session!

dnd title

With 11 players, we split them into two groups with myself and another member of staff each taking on the role of DM for one of the groups.  My group found a village which occasionally experienced a rain of coins from a mysterious castle in the clouds, said to be home to giants.  They agreed to help the villagers rescue their blacksmith who had seemingly been taken by these giants, but are not entirely how to get to the castle in the clouds.

The other group started their session by getting killed by a dragon.  They quickly awoke nearby and discovered that death did not seem to have much consequence in this realm.  They met the locals, many of whom seemed despondent and demoralised – often to the point of paralysis.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this group goes.

On Thursday we broke out Eldritch Horror.  I’ve played this a handful of times but this is the first time I’ve actually managed to win a game of it.  We faced off against Shub-Niggurath:


The flavour text for this particular Ancient Evil reads:

During pagan rites, Shub-Niggurath absorbs worthy cultists into her amorphous body and transforms them into gof’nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath, the goat spawn. From the wildest corners of the earth, her primal brood, the dark young, emerge to overwhelm humanity.

The game was great!  We had the gates on lockdown from the start and really stayed on top of things, except for one annoying little ghost who just would not die and kept beating up one of our players.  Like, seriously, it just would not yield!  We eventually took it down indirectly, rather than by taking it on mano e ghosto.  We managed ourselves really well, though we did lose two players to Dark Pacts that were called in and led to some of us being devoured.  But hey, where’s the fun if nobody is consumed?

A good week, all in all.  Next week, I’ll be glad to get some more D&D in and I want to do a little work on writing up some campaigns in anticipation of running future games.  It’s just been too damn long since I’ve GMed.

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