Bundle of Holding: Indie Cornucopia 6

I love it when Bundle of Holding do their Indie bundles.  They always manage to find fun, eclectic mixes of fun, unique, little games.  This latest offering is no exception, presenting a set of six games.  I hadn’t heard of any of them before, so it’s cool to have that wee bit of discovery, y’know?

The first tier of this bundle will set you back $11.95 and consists of three titles:


Of the three, Dusk City Outlaws appeals to me the most.  I really like urban fantasy and big, sprawling fantasy cities.  Being a minimal-prep game also means that I can be lazy when running it.  Bonus points for that, friends!

Murder & Acquisitions is also quite an interesting concept, being a corporate RPG.  Maybe a bit close to home for some players who will struggle to differentiate the content of the game with day to day corporate life!  I’ve never seen a game with this sort of setting.  Seems interesting.

Age of Anarchy seems ok but doesn’t appeal to me as much as the other two.  Again, though, the core idea is pretty cool, with all the players being advisors to the same powerful NPC.  There seems to be lots of opportunity for intrigue in this game.

The next tier is priced on a curve, which is currently set at $24.10.  For this fee, you’ll get the previous three titles and a further three on top:

Tiny Dungeon has a really simple, D6-driven system.  It seems very rules-light, which is a huge plus for me, but I think I’d end up doing a lot of prep for these games, given how little else there is to it.  I’m curious about the character creation, too.  Lack of classes, levels and the like makes me worry it’s a bit woolly, but given that the overall game seems interesting, I’d be keen to give it a chance.

Another urban game, Spire seems to have a really cool setting.  I love the idea of this twisting, underground mess of tunnels beneath a towering city of spires.  The background of an ongoing revolution makes the politics of the setting interesting, and the division between the poor and the obscenely wealthy makes for a rather timely example of allegory.  It seems to be pool-based D10 system, not unlike the World of Darkness in that basic, basic way.  I’m keen to read this one.

The last of these games, Red Markets, is another unique game that packs a fascinating premise.  As with Spire, there’s a huge focus on the disparity between the wealthy and the destitute.  The thing is, reading the summary of how we were affected by the zombie apocalypse, and indeed how we were not affected, I don’t know that it’s particularly far-fetched.

Some of the proceeds from this bundle will go to a worthy cause.  In this case, it’s Doctors Without Borders that benefits from your hobby cash.

In order to view and purchase this bundle – available for the next 20 days at the time of writing – you can click here to visit the page on the Bundle of Holding website.

Enjoy!  There’s some really cool, interesting, thought-provoking stuff, here.


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