Bundle of Holding: Mutants & Masterminds Earth-Prime

You know, I’ve never really been that big on superheroes.  Oh, sure, I’ll watch a new Marvel or DC movie, even though I’ve gotten a bit bored of them, and I’ll occasionally try a new comic book.  That said, they’re not really my thing.  I can get into a short run of comics, but sustaining a long term interest is not really my thing.

But then, I’ve always kept an eye on the superhero roleplaying game, Mutants & Masterminds.  I dunno, I’m just inconsistent like that, I suppose.  Maybe it’s hubris in my thinking that I can get a good story going with a cast of heroes and villains.

Bundle of Holding is offering me the chance to put this attitude to the test with a new bundle.  The first tier of this bundle will set you back $14.95 and will net you the following three titles:

Unusually for these bundles, the first tier does not include the core rulebook, but instead includes the Basic Hero Handbook, a stripped-down version of the rules for new players.  It also includes a great setting book in Freedom City and another book chock-full of enemies for your players.  This is a nice intro, but I’m disappointed at the lack of the core book.

This book is available in the second tier, currently priced at $26.92, along with a further two books:

The core book!  This should be in the first tier, but it’s good to see it’s in the bundle at all.  The remaining two books will help you flesh out your games with great settings.  In a broad sense, the Atlas of Earth-Prime will give you a great overview of the wider world, whilst Hero High will give you great setting details and characters from a very specific part of the setting.  Good stuff!

If you’re interested in this bundle, and in supporting the California Community Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund with your purchase, you can click here for the bundle page.

Will I be picking this up?  I dunno.  I already have the core book in PDF form.  I’d like to pick up a physical copy.  The other PDFs do look useful and interesting, though.  On balance, I probably won’t buy it, just because I already know enough about this setting and game to know there’s a good chance I won’t be getting it to the table.  This does not mean that the bundle isn’t great – just maybe, as I suggested at the start, not quite for me.


  1. Back in the day, I played in a Champions game where the GM was a fan of 1980s girl bands. All of the villains were based off his favorite girl bands.


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